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Re: George Baptiste Bietrix
Birth certificate of George Baptiste BéTRIX
N° 110
George Biétrix's father, Louis Biétrix ( aged 26 ) working as a baker
went in front of Mr Isidor FLACHOT, Mayor of Seurre in the Côte d'Or
déclared the birth of a male child born today [ 29 october 1883 ] at for o'clock at his home, Rue de la république, from the wedding [ taking place in Seurre ] on 26 august 1856 with Rose Gabrielle RAVOIRE, dressmaker, aged 27 living in Seurre.
To which child was given the name George Baptiste.
[ the witnesses were Denis MURGEY, Policeman aged 70 & Jules justin GéROUX ( recever (?) ]
[ to which witnesses sign with us ]

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