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Jim Currie

Jim Currie

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George Ede was the son of Councillor A G Ede of Southampton Council. He was lost when Titanic sank.

A transcript of part of a resumed Harbour Board meeting convened in the Council Chamber of the Municipal Office of Southampton, held at 3 pm on Tuesday,23rd.April, 1912 records that:

"Votes of sympathy be tendered to Councillor H A Plummer on the death of his wife, and to Councillor A G Ede upon the loss of his son (George Ede) in the "Titanic" disaster...."

I presume Mrs. Plummer was not on Titanic- can't find a trace of her. The only 'Plummer' I can find refers to the trade of Plumbing.. was this a spelling error? since the 'plumb' part is derived from the Roman name for lead - hence 'plumb-line'.

[Moderator's Note: George Ede was a steward, not a passenger. For that reason this thread, originally titled "Passenger George Ede" and placed in the "Passenger Research" topic, has been renamed and moved to this subtopic relating to stewards. MAB]
Jim Currie

Jim Currie

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Thanks for that, My info was verbal from Southampton - obviously wrong!


Hello Jim,

Some months ago since you started this thread. For me personally time is a major factor as I don't allocate much to myself. I usually have that habit of doing the rounds and hopping from one thread to another and occasionally missing out on the more importantly one's like yours.

Basically, yes, some of the Southampton Council transcript is correct although there is a load more waiting to be release from my corner.

One thing I would like to point out. On George's bio his place of birth is listed in Surrey. I am afraid this is wrong as he was actually born in Southampton like the rest of his brothers and sisters.

His father Councillor Arthur G Ede did serve on Southampton Town Council for many years.

I hope the above briefly answers some of your questions but wait and see what I shall be updating at a later stage.