Vicky Hannam

Jun 22, 2014
Additional information -George Hannam’s Lineage can be traced back to 1599. He is one of a very few whose surname continued through the female line as his father Arthur was the baseborn son of Hannah or Anna Hannam, daughter of Elisha Hannam. Anna died at 33 and Arthur was raised by his grandfather.As well, the family can be found in West Ham, Essex in 1891 where a legitimate transcription error listed them with the surname of Colebrook. Sarah is listed as a widow and servant and her three children Frederick, William and George are listed in sequence using ditto marks. Thus they were recorded as Colebrook not Hannam. The reason for the move is unclear but they return to Southampton, 73 Princes Street for the 1901 census, again living with and working for Joseph Colebrook.Joseph Colebrook is closely connected with this family in all of the census material and in fact Sarah or Elizabeth is buried in the same grave as Joseph.(Southampton Old Cemetery, Section D182, Grave Number 008)Finally, the only recorded death for an Arthur Hannam between 1881 and 1891 is indeed that of an Arthur Hannon in Ashton, Lancashire in 1884. However the location doesn’t make much sense and this particular Arthur and his family can be followed through to his death in 1884 in the parish of Ashton, Lancashire. Clearly George’s father died between 1881 and 1891, but where and when is unclear.Warmest regards, Vicky Hannam, Canada,Researching the Hannam Surname for over 25 years.
Aug 6, 2018
Hi Vicky
I have just been to The Titanic Museum in Belfast and discovered there was a George Hannam onboard that hails from Southampton and his Father from Somerset. I am one of the Hannam family from the Isle of Wight, originally hailing from Somerset many years ago. I was wondering if there was connection at all. I have never been able to work out how we came to be on the Isle of Wight from Somerset.
Any help would be gratefully received.
Kind Regards


Loving reading about my husband's Great x3 Uncle George.

His Mum, who is originally a Hannan, now lives in Ashton, Lancashire, but not sure about an IOW connection.

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