George Henry Cavell

Excellent site! I just came here to see if there really was a Cavell on the Titanic and I've been online all day!

I would really appreciate any information about George Henry Cavell, I have read his biography and the transcript of his evidence at the inquiry (which was fascinating and has brought up a lot of questions that I might have to air here!)

I have read somewhere that the White Star Line didn't like the surviving crew to work on their other ships, but I know that there was a George Cavell who worked on the 'Olympic' Southampton - New York service in 1921 and in 1924 and also a George Henry Cavell who crewed on the 'Majestic' in 1922. I think that these two crewmen are the same person and as they/he is the same age as the George Henry Cavell on the Titanic could it be the same person?

I hope that made sense.

I am of course trying to link him to my family tree so if anyone can tell me anything about his life after the disaster, or any personal details it really would make my day.

Welcome to the forum, Amanda. It would probably be easier for you to make a connection by working backwards through your own family records than trying to work forwards from George. It's probable that he is the same man who served on the Olympic and Majestic in the '20s - there's no reason why not. The surviving officers of the Titanic believed (probably rightly) that their promotions prospects had been blocked by association with the disaster, but there should have been no obstacle to re-employment for members of the 'black gang'.

Hope you get a result.
Cheers Bob, that's a great help, I know I should do it all properly but I'm hoping it'll be easier to find a link if I can go from both sides - and it's not really cheating, honest!
I really appreciate your help.
I wouldn't know about any proper way to do it, Amanda, just follow any route that gets you there! Good luck, and do let us know if you find a connection - there's nothing like that feeling of satisfaction when the last piece falls into place.
Arne, according to George's daughter-in-law Dorothy he lived to 'a grand old age' (but exactly how grand she didn't say) and his last address was Coleman Street in the St Mary's area of Southampton. Dorothy lives nearby in Totton and her brother-in-law, George's son William, lives in Parkstone, Bournemouth.
Hi all, a little late to the party...
George was my great grand uncle. He is buried in Holyrood cemetery with his wife Kate. Until recently, this was an unmarked grave but now has a personalised flower holder which I purchased (I'll be working on something else next year). He was 77 when he passed away in 1966
Hi Christine, George was also my Great Uncle which makes us cousins, I spent hours at the Cemetery last year looking for his grave, to no avail so well done with what you've done. If you need help with anything more that you're thinking of doing feel free to get in touch.
Regards, Simon Painter.