George Pelham

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I have noticed Pichard Pelman is one of the interesting survivors according to what already is about him in ET.
I have some little more about him (Information supplied by Surrey County Council, Woking) "A search was conducted in the death register of Long Grove Hospital covering 1939 (ref6231/4/95, which is incomplete. Although George Pelham was not included in the actual register, there was a sheet of paper inserting at the beginning of "Deaths Horton males 1939, on which his name appeared. He was number H142 and died 9 October 1939 aged 66 og artero sclerosis. A postmortem was carried out. We also hold the postmortem register (ref6251/4/111 and the medical register (6251/4/14 covering 1939, but all of those named patients are closed to public inspection for 100 years"
Hello everyone, this is the first time that i have ever used this method of communication as i am a very recent convert to the wonders of the internet.
To introduce myself George Pelham was my Great Uncle, and Amanda Webb is my Nephews wife.I have some information on George's early life that i thought you would like to know.
He was one of six children having four sisters and a brother.
Thomas Walter Pelham, born 9th Jan 186(7) ???.
Ann Pelham, born 1st April 1869.
Caroline Pelham, born 26th July 1871.
George was next, born 28th Jan 1873
Elizabeth Pelham, born 26th Oct 1875.
Louisa Amelia Pelham, born 25 March 1877

ELizabeth was my Grandmother and she married a Mr James Pinkney. They had four children, and Elizabeth then had a fifth with a Mr James Shipman (my Grandfather). The children were :-
Dolly, born around the turn of the 19th/20th century and was killed towards the end of the First World War by a bomb in London. I am led to believe that she was nearing her 21st birthday, was engaged to be married, and her family lived in Shoreditch.
May Sophia Louisa (my mother), born May 19th 1910, deceased November 1994.
James (always known as boy throughout his life by his family to avoid confusion with his father also James), born late 1911, also deceased, he also died in a psychiatric hospital in his fifties. He was incapacitated by a fall on his head from an air balloon during the Second World War.
Lillian, born May 12th 1915. She is my Aunt and as you can see she has just celebrated her 90th birthday and has provided most of the information through joining her fading memory with mine, and an old Bible which was her mothers (obviously also Elizabeth).
The youngest Laura, was the child of Elizabeth and James Shipman. She was born in 1920 (june?) and is also deceased (july ?)2000.

George's mom, Ann, was my 2 great grandpa (Austin POVEY) sister. I've been trying to find more information on their parents, Thomas and Sophia. Wondering if you have any information on them - their parents, etc?

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