George Rheims

Does anyone have any biographical information on George Rheims beyond what is posted in his bio page on this site? There does not seem to be much information on him out there. Any info on his life prior or after the Titanic would be much appreciated. Thank you.
John - if you're still on the board, the New York Social Register for 1912 gives George's address as 22 Rue Octave Feuillet Paris and his wife's name as Marie L Loring. I'm not sure if this info is on his ET page or not. I was hoping when I looked at the register that it would contain some club affiliations that would tell you about his hobbies, but it doesn't.

Peter Rennie

George Alexander Lucien Rheims was born on 16 January 1879 in New York,the fifth child of Leon Rheims and Jeanne Cairns. His father was born in 1844 in France. George married Marie Lemoine Loring on 12 February 1910 in New York and lived in Paris as an importer. His wife's brother Joseph Holland Loring, who perished on the Titanic, was married to Henrietta Wieniawska, a daughter of the Polish violinist/composer Henryk Wieniawski. On 9 June 1958 George at the age of 79 remarried,this time to Dolores Maria Josefa de la Santisma Trinidad Candela y Sapieha in Biarritz, France. He died in 1962. Some info on and Hope this helps.

Arun Vajpey

Does anyone have definite information on Rheims cabin number? He does not appear on the Cave List and there is no relevant information on his ET biography except to say that he and Joseph Loring had "adjoining cabins on B Deck"

Yet, during his deposition with the Limitation of Liability Hearing in November 1913, Rheims said that his cabin number was "A-21 on the port side". A-21 was in fact a starboard cabin.

Another confusing issue is whether Rheims went to the toilet from his cabin or from elsewhere just before the collision. On his ET biography, there is a vague suggestion that he and Loring were in the First Class Smoking Room of the Titanic just before the collision; that room was of course on A deck.

I am interested because Rheims reported that he saw the iceberg pass by through a "window" just as he came out of the toilet and he then continued to his cabin "A-21". If he was in the Smoking Room before going to the (nearby) toilet, he might have seen the iceberg as he came out and continued to his cabin. They do not clarify that point in the LoL hearing.
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