George Thomas Macdonald Symons

A biography is available on this site. Also, the book "Titanic Voices" has some information about him.



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Hi, I've only just joined so that's why I'm so late in posting! Denise, did you find out anything else? And does anybody know where he was buried? I read it somewhere but can't remember it! Also, he came from a town near where my nan lives. If anyone knows anything then that'd be great, and how do I access the biography? Ta! Jess
Hello Jessica,

All of the biographies on Encyclopedia Titanica can be accessed through the main page: There's links to all the sections (passengers, crew, etc) and a search engine. When you visit, make sure you take a packed lunch with you as you'll probably be reading for hours. Leastways I find that looking up one thing leads to another to another to...

Jessica Jackson

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Hi Fiona, thanx, and you're right, that's how I started researching George T.M. Symons in the first place! I just can't remember how I found out other stuff about him...not very internet friendly yet!
The obituary about Symons may answer a few of the questions.
Here it is from Southern Daily Echo in December 1950:
SYMONS, George -6 Morland-road, Shirley, Southampton, suddenly on December 3 (late Ordnance Survey) Service, St James Church 2.30, Thursday followed by interment at Hollybrook Cementery, Funeral from above adress."
George Symons was united with his brother Jack when the Carpathia rescued Titanic survivors. Jack worked amongst the crew. They both later served with the Allies during WWI and were once again thrust together following action in Gallipoli, and latterly Turkey, where they also came across their brother Bob whom suffered shrapnel wounds. When Carpathia was torpedoed by German U-55 on July 17, 1918, the brothers experienced a "rescue reversal". George Symons was a "crewman" aboard the HMS Snowdrop which picked up survivors during the wartime Carpathia disaster. He died in 1950 and is buried at Holly Brook Cemetery, Southampton.Sources: Interview with Symon's niece Dawn Gould by Harry Walton of This Is Dorset, 7 June 2007 .. Obituary Notice, 3 December, 1950 Daily Echo Southern Edition (UK)
George was my grandmother's brother. Jack Symons does not appear in the list of the Carpathia's crew held by the National Archives. There may be some confusion over this story unless someone has any evidence.