George Thomas Rowe

What happened to Rowe after his testimony? Did he go back to Ireland or take up residence in the States? Does he have U.S. descendants? Scotch-Irish descedants?
From the ET bio on Rowe.

When the enquiries were over Mr Rowe continued his Merchant Service he signed on to the Oceanic on 10 July 1912. He served on the hospital ship Plassy with the Great Fleet during the first world war. He then worked for Thorneycroft ship repairs in Southampton until he was over 80. During that time he was in charge of the fitting of Denny Brown Stabilisers to the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, amongst other things.

He recieved the British Empire Medal (BEM) in 1960 for his services to Thornycrofts.

He died in 1974 at the age of 91.

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Michael H. Standart

Paul Lee

Can anyone confirm the statement in Maxtone-Graham's book about Violet Jessop that QM Rowe had just been on a course, before the disaster, than enabled him to judge the distance of lights/objects at sea?




I am trying to obtain the Rowe/Powell interview taken on March 2, 1963. If anyone can tell me where to find this, I would be extremely grateful. Also in the Titanic Commutator Vol. 25 Number 156, in the Rowe letters to Kamuda, there is a foot note on page 270, that reads, 'In another letter Rowe stated, "And there was no Rocket fired till I took them on to the bridge myself..."' Does anyone know to which letter this footnote is referring to? Thanks and much obliged.


I think I am a relation to this George Rowe. did his daughter Lilly ever come to Canada to live? I believe Lilly is my great grandmother