George William Williams b1898 - 14 year old Steward?


I am trying to trace information regarding my great Uncle.
He was supposed to have been on the Titanic as an underage Steward being only 14 and not registered on the crew list. He survived the Titanic but not WW1 unfortunately.
Has anyone any information?

I have also found this, which may be linked......
In Winchester, George Williams decided to knock at the door of Southgate Lodge and ask for work. He falsely claimed to be a Titanic survivor. The magistrates took a dim view and he was given 14 days' hard labour for begging alms.

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Sorry to say there was no George William Williams aboard. Everybody working on the ship was on the crew list, no way that there was someone not registered as how do they want to get their wage at first place? Also would need a bunk, know what watch (working hours) he has etc.
He would then have needed to sneek onto the Carpathia,as well, which is so unlikely that it's not worth considering. You have a family story that he claimed to have been on the Titanic, and another story that he, or someone of the same name, was later in trouble for falsely claiming to be a survivor. Doesn't that close the book on this one? And keep in mind that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of such family stories.