Georges Philippar

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The first and last voyage of the luxary liner Georges Phillipar has been surrounded in mystery. Bomb threats, various fires and finally sinking.
This was the Morro Castle of it's time. If anyone else knows of book other than Watson's that tells the story in more depth, I would appreciate it.

Robert J. McDonnell

Geeez! I am so wrapped up in "castles," I posted message in wrong area. Sorry about that. If you should want to do so, you might want to open topic concerning "Yarmouth Castle." Then, I'll have another "castle" to "live" aboard!
I dont know how many people have seen or hear of this vessel before but she is very unique cause she has square funnels. I was wondering if anyone could give me more info and photos of her.
Hi, Chris: I couild not get the link to work, and do not know how much information you already have- but Georges Phillipar is a rather infamous liner in that she was destroyed by fire, likely arson, on the return leg of her maiden voyage with heavy loss of life. Her interiors were ornate- some would say bordering on bizarre- and unlike most of the other French liners of her generation, were not Art Deco, a contrast from her almost startlingly modern exterior. She had square funneled semi-sister ships, but the look never really caught on.
Chris and others- Here is a link to the story of the Georges Phillipar arson. I must distance myself from the website this appears on, in advance, however this particular article is inoffensive

Here is my only piece of Phillipar memorabilia: a poster advertising her, and her sisters Aramis; Marechal Joffre and Paul Doumer.
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