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Jane Jerome

The story told in our family about (my great) Aunt Georgette and Grannie Robert is a bit more colorful than the Titanic account here. It's a good tale that goes like this... The family maid, Miss Kreuchen, came up to the ladies' cabins and told them that the boat was sinking. Impossible, she was told. The Titanic is unsinkable! However, she went back to her cabin to retrieve the ladies' jewelry case. She came back and was with them on the same lifeboat. Miss Kreuchen clung to the jewelry box through all the travails during the long night. After many hours on the icy waters when finally a rescue boat came into view, Miss Kreuchen was so overcome with emotion that she tossed her arms up in the air, exclaiming "we're saved". Fortunately, the party made it through this tragedy alive. The jewels, most unfortunately, were tossed skyward as she exclaimed, and sank to the ocean's bottom. Don't believe that claptrap in the Cameron movie at its end. No one would intentionally toss that kind of caratage overboard for purely sentimental reasons. Oh while I'm on a soapbox, please note that Aunt Georgette did become overweight in her later years. Nowadays, she'd be considered a normal American. She was probably 60 to 80 pounds overweight in her 70s. I imagine that an ordeal like the sinking of the Titanic, paired with a life of leisure, might contribute to an eating disorder. Uncle Tony, however, was fond of brisk walks across their estate, Oakland, in Clarksville, Missouri, with the dogs and any visiting nieces/nephews, in good weather and bad.