Gertrude Maybelle Thorne/George Rosenshine

The only real thing that I know is that she was mistress to Mr George S Rosenshine, and that she was travelling with him around the world practically, making the final leg of their journey to New York on board the Titanic. She survived in Collapsible D, and there is a passenger on the Carpathia, a Mrs Campbell, who had spoke to her and Mrs Harris, and there is an account I have in an old 1912 newspaper which I would be most happy to donate. Otherwise, is there anything more historians have learned of, in one expert's opinion, the most unknown of Titanic's passengers?
(Agewise, I would believe she would be in her forties or late thirties.)

Actually Mrs Thorne was not Mr Rosenshine's mistress. A mistress is a lover of a married man. Mr Rosenshine was not married, therefore Mrs Thorne was more like his girlfriend. On the Carpathia she signed on her age as 38, but considering the many "age" inaccuracies on that list, Mrs Thorne might not have been 38. She was definetely not a young woman, but not older than Mr Rosenshine (45). It's quite possible she was 38, but we can not entirely trust it.

After she landed in New York, she simply disappeared. The Rosenshine family were unable to track her down and nothing was known of her ever since.

Thank you for the clearup (are you related to George Rosenshine?). I had only heard of Mrs Thorne as the 'mistress', but then again, she was Mrs Thorne, was she not? I will give the newspaper article to Mr Hind, and hopefully he can post it up on her biography when he gets the time. Thank you once again!
My great-aunt (my paternal grand-mother's sister)is supposed to have been aboard the Titanic as mistress of a business man. Her name was Joséphine Cormier. She was 29 at the time and lived in Duluth Minn where she probably worked for her brother who owned a clothing store. Could the Rosenshine Bros have been a supplier at the store?

She would have been one of the rescued passengers. Apparently the incident caused quite a scandal in her strong catholic family. Some of her sibblings even refused to speak to her when she visited her hometown of Caraquet NB. She married a Mr. Howard. They settled in Duluth Minn.
Could she have been Gertrude Maybelle Thorne?
Nope. Check out the bio on the passangers list on this site. Gertrude Maybelle Thorne was her real name, but the assumed name she used was George Thorne.

Meaning no disrespect to your family, but you may want to research this one a little more...try to find some substantiating documentation...befor you accept the family lore. Bogus Titanic passangers/survivors/casualties are legion.

Michael H. Standart
I think I have seen it posted somewhere on this board that Maybelle Thorne may not have been her real name, and thus the difficulty tracking this person down. Then again she was an older woman, certainly not 29, she was about 40 (or in fact 38 as on the Carpathia list).

Well, that's what I meant. I meant there is no source other than this one. But I do agree that even if there is an error on her age, it at least gives us a good indication.
Very little seems to be known about 1st class passenger Gertrude Maybelle Thorne, mistress of George Rosenshine. Could she have also been using an assumed name?
Céline, As far as I know Mrs. Thorne was not using an assumed name - buried in the family plot etc.
Here is what I have on her - not much I am afraid:

THORNE, MRS. GERTRUDE (Maybelle. Saved in Lifeboat number D.
Marconigram dated 18th April 1912 to: Mr. J. Rosenshine, 1 W. 92nd Street, New York City. ''Am safe - Pray God George was rescued by another boat with rest of men. Arrive Carpathia. Mabelle Thorne.''
Marconigram sent 18th April 1912 to: Mrs. J. Costigan, 72nd & Riverside, The Chalsworth, New York City. ''Am safe. Arrive on Cunard Carpathia. Gertrude.''
George Rosenshine. He was a First Class passenger registered on the ships passenger list under the assumed name of Mr. George Thorne, travelling with his mistress, Mrs. Gertrude Thorne, a survivor.
Mrs. Thorne is buried in the family plot at Bayside Cemetery, Congregation Shaare Zedek, Queens, Long Island, New York.

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I'm trying to track down photos of either of these passengers. George actually traveled under the name "Thorne". He owned a company called "Rosenshine Bros." which sold imported Ostrich feathers. Maybelle was married... to someone else. Please let me know if you can help.



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maybe he had children with Gertrude Maybelle Thorne or a
other women. Is there now any more information what became
of Miss Thorne (when this was her reall name?) or are
there any photos?any mentions on them aboard the ship?

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