Get your Titanic Commutators and Voyage issues bound

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Last year I took all my old THS journals, "The Titanic Commutator" to be bound, and this month plan to take all my issues of the TIS journal, "Voyage", to a professional bookbinder to have them leather bound as well.

For the THS Titanic Commutators I broke them up into five volumes, each covering five years.
( starting with 1975-79, then 1980-84, 1985-89,1990-94, 1995-99.)

I had them bound in blue leather embossed in gold on the spine with the name "The Titanic Commutator", and the years of the issues within.
I now have all my Commutators bound,and they look fantastic.

My project this year is to have my issues of the TIS journal 'Voyage' bound. For My issues of the "Voyage", im thinking of having them bound in a dark green leather cover, embossed in gold the name 'Voyage' on the spine.

But Im not sure if I should number the volumes by date, or by issue numbers. Any suggestions- (especially from any TIS members here?).

I was thinking the first volume would be 1989-94, the second could be 1995-99

Or, I could do it issue 1-25 for volume 1, and the second issue will cover the next 25.

Anyone else out there have your Commutators and Voyage issues bound? How do they look?

Mine look fantastic on my bookshelf!! For too many years I have had these journals stacked in a pile. Get them bound- have them nicely done, and they will be worthy to sit on your Titanic bookshelf.


Tarn Stephanos

Excellent idea!!! I was thinking of doing the same thing, but I've only been a member of these various societies for a year, and have not collected as many issues as you have. I was definitely contemplating binding them once I have "volumes" of them

As for TIS, I'd go for issue numbers. TIS didn't always have 4 issues per year, so the 'year' bit may be misleading. I'd separate them by issues (however recently TIS have been doing 4 a year).


In binding my commutators, I went by 5 year intervals, and by the Vol. numbers.....

Its a bit more confusing with Voyage- Im not sure if they go by volume numbers so those I bound in 5 year intervals as well- 1989-1993, then 1994-1999 (adding 1 extra year), 2000-2004
Ill attach images shortly....
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