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Jan 1, 1998
Hello Everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone has ever heard of or seen , The Titanic as an apparition in the north atlanic where Titanic sank?I've heard of such things happening and wanted to know if the same thing has happened with the Titanic Thanks. Dee
Dec 12, 1999
I went into's archives and copied this post from William J. Lear. Hopefully this will answer your question:

"I haven't thought about these in years, but there are two that I've heard. I can't give a source on either of them, as I heard them in my (now sadly too distant) youth. Perhaps from my father (who was in the navy WWII and merchant marines for years after that).

Ghost Story 1: Atlantic Liners occasionally encounter a lifeboat with a Titanic survivor on board. At some time after rescuing the "survivor" something or other strange happens and the survivor disappears. This one, I suspect, is based upon a ship that found one of Titanics life boats some time after the sinking. There was a pretty creepy teleplay based on it (Rod Serling, if memory serves).

Ghost Story 2: On some dark and gloomy nights a ship is seen to have docked at Titanic's intended docking location in New York. Some stories have some dockyard official go aboard and find nobody onboard. Others just have then notice the name on the bow or whatever. When the go to get someone, it disappears. This scene appeared in "Ghost Busters," though I don't know if the writers just thought it up of if they'd heard the same ghost story.

Oh, and I just recalled another.

Ghost Story 3: A ship sights rockets at night on the North Atlantic, but when they go to investigate nothing is there. They note the position and go about their business. Later, it's shown that they were at the "place where Titanic sank."

And on a related subject, how about one about Californian?

In a variation of the Ghost Story 3, after the ship arrives and finds nothing there, they see another ship a few miles off. They go to investigate and find a ship with a single person aboard. It's the Californian and Captain Lord, who's been doomed to wait here for all eternity."

Dan Cherry

Dec 14, 1999
I have personally not heard of any stories of
apparitions in the North Atlantic, although James
Cameron admitted that while filming his movie
several years ago, one could feel the 'energy'
(using this term as he put it) of the Titanic,
realizing he was at 'the spot' where the tragedy
took place. Bob Ballard also says that 'you feel
it', but you also need to know where they're
coming from when they make these statements.
The only documented reference to any use of
Titanic and 'ghost ship' in the same sentence was
that Captain Rostron of the Carpathia was
contacted later in the morning of April 15, 1912
by the Olympic, Titanic's nearly identical sister
ship, with the suggestion that Carpathia,
overloaded with survivors, transfer the Titanic's
passengers to Olympic, which could handle the
complement. Rostron did not like the idea of
making the passengers endure another transfer at
sea, and the sight of the Olympic on the horizon
would be like a 'hideous ghost'. He told Olympic
to stay out of the area.
As for anything else, it is up to the observer to
choose which to believe and which to dismiss as
'urban legends', for lack of a better phrase.

William Conrad

The Titanic is so notorious that people will always talk about it.

I respect other peoples' opinions, but I, not being a superstitious sort, think these are nothing more than good ghost stories and nothing more...


Aug 22, 2000

Jerry De Marco

Gee Wiz H,
Aren't you a little close minded. Science has proven the exsistance of ghosts. Even the Bible portends to their exsistance. Are your beliefs based on ignorance or fear? You need to lighten up and open your mind. God forbid you end up being a ghosts after your death and you not believe in yourself or do you already have that problem.
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Jerry, having an "open mind" does not oblige anyone to accept every theory which comes down the pike. Only give due consideration to a theory based on the evidence. And not to rip a hole in your boat, but science most definately has NOT proven the existance of ghosts.

Michael H. Standart

Erik Wood

Aug 24, 2000
Good Morning or early afternoon,

Sailors like myself are very superstitious and most don't like to talk about it. In fear of what might happen. So niether will I. But having crossed the North Atlantic and very near the resting place of Titanic I will say that the place is known for it's odd happenings some of which I have experienced. I would not say that there is a ghost ship. But I would or might discuss it in private.


Lisa Stone

Feb 4, 2000
I don't know about any ghost ship stories, but I do know of the energy I feel when I visit the graveyards here in Halifax. The energy is very positive and I believe the spirits of the passengers who are buried here are very happy that no one has forgotten them, and that many lessons were learned, and much love and compassion was spread world wide for those innocent victims.

I work as a psychic/intuitive here in Nova Scotia, and I began to search for information on two Stone crew members as a result of many "psychic/ghostly" things began to happen. I have it all posted on my site if anyone wants to read about it. Just hit the Titanic Connection link and then the Psychic Connection link.

Lisa Stone
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