Ghosts of the abyss 2

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May 6, 2003
Does anyone know if james cameron is planning on going back to titanic to see other parts of the ship, like the pool and the turkish bath (they were suspposed to but ran out of time).


Martha Fasoulas

G'day Stefan & Michael!

I would just like to pass on some recent info I heard that James is indeed planning a trip back to wreck in mid-2004.

It was only recently that I FINALLY got a chance to view quite a few screenings of the movie when it was released in Sydney in Sept, securing special passes to attend early previews set up for media, sponsors, and surprising, two gentlemen who are involved with the tourist dives, and who gave a brief speech. I approached to ask them about the dives (an crazy but passionate wish of mine) and they mentioned that Cameron may be filming around the time they plan to travel to be involved with the tourist dives in Mid Jun/July 2004.

Just like you both, I hope Cameron does return to the wreck in the very near future. I was captivated by the images from the movie.

One of the men divulged another little sneeky piece of info, and this one is for all those Ballard lovers out there (pun intended), that Sir Robert himself pulled out of a planned trip to Oz fr the premiere due to a breakdown of 'financial negotiations'. Ah its all speculation right!

Take care
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