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Parks, one image (of many) that haunts me in the film and book is Ismay's fireplace...Are there any remnants of paneling in his suite? Was Ismay's bedframe examined?
I just bought both the childrens copy, and regular GotA books. Robert and I were really impressed by the Don Lynch & Ken Marschall Book!I will scour through it tomorrow. It was as overwhelming as the movie. Maybe more, as you have time to really examine the pictures and text, at your own pace. Not as distracting as trying to keep up with the frames and commotion on the big screen. To all that edited and identified the items on film, I have a high regard for you. That is some amazing work!
NOW, for the childrens book.... There is just something exciting about a picture that you have gazed at for YEARS (for example, the ones on page 51 or 133, of an Illustrated History) and suddenly it comes to life and leaps off the page! As well to the 3-D effect to some of the old black and white images we all know and love. I am not sorry to add this cherub to my book case!
To all those involved with the book projects...
GOOD WORK! My hat is off to you!
My own interest in this mighty vessel is lifelong and very personal to me. For these reasons I tend to sit on the side and take in all I can from the people here I have grown to respect.
I will break my silence however and offer my appreciation to all those involved with this book.
You have a great deal to be proud of in this publication. Due to its later(than U.S)release here in Australia, and being stuffed around by the local book shop, I finally recieved my copy 2 weeks ago and have not been able to put it down(yes my arm is starting to ache).
I will keep a close eye on the papers from now hoping to see the movie screening at the IMAX theatre here in Sydney. Obviously not to be missed.

Once again to all those involved - "Congratulations and Thankyou".
Today,I recived my copy of the book Ghosts of the Abyss and i must say with all my heart,i love it today,I learned more about the titanic then i have before. The pictures are absoltly spectacular I waited 8 days for this book, and I can say, that it was worth it and I would reccommend it to anyone who want to get this book and I hope to see the movie someday . to Mr Cameron,Mr Paxton,Mr Lynch,Mr marschall,and to all who took part in this expidition,I say well done Jennifer Mueller

Nicolas Roughol

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Well, got my copy too today here in France, through (they only had two copies left) and I'm impressed as well. Truly wonderful pics...too bad the movie GOTA isn't coming out in France until Sept 10th. And since there are only two IMAX 3D theaters in France, and none in Paris, it won't be easy to go watch it.

Anyway, a big "thank you" to Ken Marschall, Don Lynch and Jim Cameron for this wonderful book. It should really become the reference book to any Titanic enthusiast
Nicolas, the difficulties of getting to a decent theatre notwithstanding, I certainly hope you can find a way to get to where it's playing and see it. I saw it twice and wished I'd had time to see it a few more times. It's easy to miss certain details on each showing depending on what your attention is drawn to.

In any case, I think you'll find the effort well worth your while!

Nicolas Roughol

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Don't worry, although it might not be easy, I definitely intend on seeing that movie it its original form. Maybe the DVD will come out before then (is there any release date set yet for the DVD by the way?), still I'll go and watch it in a 3D theater
Can't wait...
I haven't heard of a release date yet. Soon I hope, but my understanding of how this works is that the film has to run it's course through the cinimas befor it's released on tape or DVD.
Earthship Productions has put the home release version together and handed the product over to Disney. Disney/Walden is going to decide if the home release will be in 3D, or standard. If 3D, it may only come in a DVD-ROM format and special glasses will have to be purchased. If standard, then some extra features can be added. No word on a release's up to the distributor.


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Hey everyone,

I was at my local Borders Books Outlet and found an awesome deal. Ghost of the Abyss was on sale for $4! So check it out if you have a store near you! If you don't have the book or just want another! I already had the book, but for $4 I got another lol.

I got the book a year or more ago. I was at a Barnes and Nobel, saw it and became giddy beyond belief. I already had the movie and enjoyed it throughly. Actually cried. I think I can honestly say that 'Ghosts of the Abyss' was my first real Titanic book. The only other one I had besides it was Cameron's movie guide.

As far as what really gripped me within the book, I'd have to say the pictures of the reciprocating engines. Just standing there like sypnxes.. The same goes for the movies. The first time I saw that shot of the MIRs looking up to them under the light of Medusa.. I was aw struck.. tears came to my eyes.. Just the essence that of what they were and how they stood so nobely against such a backdrop of tragedy...its amazing.
Hi guys,
This is my first post on ET so first of all greetings to everyone. I have been fascinated by the Titanic since Robert Ballard found the wreck. I was 8 years old then and I have been collecting Titanic-related book ever since. "Ghosts of the Abyss" is definetly one of the nicest books I have ever seen about the wreck. To me the most fascinating photos are the ones where you can see personal effects, like one where you can clearly see a glass standing in upright position on a cupboard reminding you that someone used that glass on the day of the sinking. I truly respect Jim Cameron and his group's work.
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