Ghosts of the Abyss by James Cameron

Hi everyone, some days ago I`ve seen in a movie magazine a short article about a documental movie featuring R.M.S. Titanic and the famous warship from World War II, the Bismarck. The movie is to be called "Ghosts of the Abyss", and it is being shot in three dimensions(this is not my area of expertise, I don´t know what is this type of shooting!) Anyway, the article said that Cameron was using the biggest oceanographical research ship in the world.(Is it the Keldysh?) I fthis is true, we are going to have a top class documentary about these two ships. Does anyone know anything about this?
Pedro S.
Hi people, if there is someone who knows more about this matter, I would appreciate if he/she could tell me somtehing about it.
Thank you very much.

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Pedro S.
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...look for a 2002 scheduled release of this 3-D film.

BTW, why should'nt Cameron, or the 2001 Expedition heads attempt to lay claim on the salvage rights while diving this year on TITANIC?

Is Mr. Gellars current claim under jeopardization if having just a single year lapse of salvaging his claim?

Perhaps hope awaits on the horizon for the ultimate fate of Titanic and her remains...:)

Michael Cundiff
Thanks for your answer, Parks. Michael, I`m sorry, I dind´t understand exactly what you mean. I read somewhere in an interview with cameron that he was not interested in salvaging anything from the Titanic. But even if he wanted the salvage rights, he would lay his claim based in what argument? But what is your opinion about the works of RMS Titanic, Inc. in the salvaging field?
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Pedro S.
Well Parks, I said I only saw that salvage matter in an interview in a magazine, I do not know if it is legitimate. Anyway, you referred your "talks" with Cameron. Did you actually talked to him?

Talking with the Earthship Productions home office yesterday...the combination of Hurricane Erin and ROV problems kept Cameron from getting all the footage he wanted by the scheduled end date of 13 September. Cameron's Hollywood backers decided to end the expedition on time and go with the footage he had in the can. Cameron flatly told them no, citing the clause in his contract that gives him full artistic license to complete the filming. Battling against his financial backers, Cameron has extended the expedition's time on the Titanic wreck site, as many have already noticed. He's determined to stay on site as long as it takes to capture as much as possible, acting as if this will be the last time the wreck will ever be filmed. I have to admire his dedication.

As a side note, I would have to say that the timing is fortuitous...this expedition could only have been conducted in a strong economy. With our economy struggling under the weight of the attacks and their aftermath, it's hard for me to foresee anyone raising the money to finance another visit the wreck in the forseeable future.

Hello Parks,

Thank you so much for the information on Earthship, on the other thread, some questions have arisen that you may be able to answer.

About the music on the webcast, who does it, is it on CD. Also, is there a release formatt for this film, will it be going to theater, TV, or video when it comes out?

Yes, Jim's dedication to finishing his project is very commendable. And the financing part, you are right about that one. It may be a while before anyone can afford to go to Titanic again.

I believe the market will rebound, though it may be awhile, I have always been in for the long haul of things and I am not going to panic.

Parks, are you able to access the webcast??


No, I have not been able to access the webcast at I haven't heard the music, and I have heard differing opinions on how Cameron will be using the footage (or whatever it is they call the digital equivalent).

Hello Parks,

It sounds to me that this is going to be a large screen production for 3D purposes, to be released late this year or early next year.
I am still listening to the broadcast now,
(about 4 hours so far) to try to update everyone as to what is going on.

If you hear anything from the home office about the music and such, we would love to hear about it.

Thank you Parks,

Hello Pedro, hope all is well for you.