Ghosts of the Abyss by James Cameron

Hey you guys!
Long time no see!

I just saw it last night! AMAZING STUFF!!!!!
There was a bit too much of Bill Paxton for my taste (Lot's of shots with Bill looking out the porthole saying "I can't believe we're actually here at Titanic It's so amazing" Way too melodramatic) and too many obvious attemps at humor. But they did have TONS more wreck footage than Titanica had and the inclusion of the live action 1912 skits were well produced and poignant. I want to write more about it but words can't really explain how incredible it is to see the lit Reception Room windows in 3D. They have the most amazing way of showing 3D footage of the wreck's interior and perfectly inserting the 1912 charachters among it in a way the leaves you breathless. Incredible stuff.
The include the wireless equipment, The Reception Room (in great detail), The elevators, the firemen's mess, Smith's tub (as usual), assorted 1st class cabins, And even a bref shot of the spiral stairs.
Suffice to say, I'll be a regular at the IMAX theatre for the next few weeks.
Anyway, my time posting is short but I'm glad to visit the message board after many months of work and school. It's changed SO MUCH! Very nice!

David Hudson
I saw 2 showings yesterday of "Ghosts Of The Abyss" at the IMAX theatre at the New England Aquarium, and will see 3 more today, and 3 more tommorow.......
The film is STUNNING.............

The only distraction was my eyes were darting back and forth between the footage taken by Jake and Elwood (the camera probes..), but the footage was stunning..

DONT BLINK!!! You may miss somthing spectacular...

I take it C deck was inaccessable?

Id like to see the remnants of C-51, Archibald Gracie's cabin explored...

Im off to see 'Ghosts of the Abyss' 3 more times today...

Enjoy, this film is stunning..

Parks, did you say you were in the film- playing the role of Bride or Phillips perhaps?

I must say Ken Marshall played a convincing Ismay...

I am still astounded at the preservation of the 1st class Reception room...
Had Titanic gone down intact, methinks the 1st Class Dining Room would be in pristine shape...

I see the expedition subscribed Dr. Charles Pelligrino's theory that the grand staircase floated out of the sinking Titanic...Im not sure i can believe that, but then again, it may explain when no baullestrades have been found....

I hope when this Titanic film comes out on DVD, it will somehow retain its 3d qualities...

The book companion to this film is superb...

Tarn Stephanos

Boston MA
I just saw Ghosts of the Abyss today and I just have to say...WOW! It was truly amazing, although I would have preferred more footage of the wreck and less footage of the Kaldesh and subs. I have to admit, I cried. Excellent film!
Companion book? Can it be purchased in the lobby or does one have to go to a bookstore? I haven't seen it in Chapters or Coles but maybe they're just late getting it out.
I'm going back to see it soon, even though I do have to haul my sorry butt all the way across town.
I guess when it comes out on DVD I'll have to buy a bigger TV.
>>DONT BLINK!!! You may miss somthing spectacular...<<

No kidding Tarn. I took Tracy and my mum to see it today, and I'm planning on meeting with Yuri Singleton to see it again on Saturday the 26th. So far, were looking at going to the 12:30 showing at the Hollywood 20 on Woodruff Road in Greenville. If anyone else from South Carolina/North Carolina and anyone else nearby can come, by all means do so.

If not, I would still say to run to the nearest theatre that's showing it and then go see it again. The way a lot of it was formatted, it's easy to miss things...and I know I did.

Unfortunately, the Hollywood 20 is not an IMAX equipped outfit, but still, seeing it in 3-D was almost like being there.

I wasn't bothered by Bill Paxton, though he certainly had my sympathies when I saw him heaving his guts out in a bag as the MIR bobbed about on the seas. That sort of thing is not a lot of fun.
Hi all,

Parks Stephenson mentioned the scheduling of the book-signing by Jim Cameron and myself at the Border's bookstore in West Hollywood (CA) on May 14 (7:30 PM). He left out one important participant and fellow "actor" in "Ghosts" -- Don Lynch -- who authored the companion book and who, of course, will also be there.

As Parks later pointed out, this event is being planned, but schedules can change. For all Southern California ET members, we'll post here when the time draws closer and when/if this appearance is confirmed.

If I may, I have a favor to ask of you who are enthusiastic about the book: Would you please hop over to the "Ghosts" book thread and see my post there (I'll write it in a few moments)? Many thanks!

All best,

Hi Ken,

Terrific job in the movie, I admire your work, you are truly an artist ahead of your time.

Sorry I cannot be at the signing but my car won't make 3000 miles in 3 days, much less 3 weeks.
, maybe if you head east to the NY area, I can get there.

Much regards to you and much success for GHOSTS FROM THE ABYSS,
Reading back over my post of yesterday, regarding the hoped-for book signing on May 14 with Cameron about which Parks had posted a notice, I should have said that Parks "inadvertently left out" Don's name, not just "left out." Parks would not have intentionally done so. When I e-mailed him about the upcoming event a few days ago, I wasn't clear that it included Cameron and BOTH of us.

Ken, while you're here a quick question:

The iron gates on the D-deck entrance doors, were those gates seen on all doors opening to the outside from below decks? Were they seen to be locked in some way? I can't make out any keyholes, or chains in the pictures in the book.

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Ken: I will definitely bookmark (no pun intended) May 14th, as I look forward to the book signing.

I'll also have to make sure to have you and Don sign one for George Behe, to send him "Best Wishes".
Sorry George, I, right now, don't have enough money for a ticket for you to com out to LA.

As I recall, the only doors we saw from the inside were the main D-deck and B-deck first-class shell doors. Both the starboard D-deck doors are closed as you know, with their decorative grillwork "gates" also closed. I don't know if they're locked, but I must assume they are-- you wouldn't want passengers fiddling with the workings of the shell doors. (Archival photos that peek inside other passenger doors on Olympic/Titanic show a simpler "jail" grill swung up and attached to the overhead when the door is being used. Evidently all passenger shell doorways had such a guard to keep the workings away from prying hands.)

Opposite them on the port side, the aft door is closed with one gate still closed, the other gate missing. The forward port shell door is missing (and since recovered by RMST), and at first I thought the inner gates to that door were gone. But I have since spotted at least the forward gate, swung way open, just inside the vestibule.

As for the B-deck doors, I described the condition (attitudes) of all four of them in my online report (see I have not yet studied the ROV video closely to see if any signs of inner grillwork gates are to be found up there. Certainly none were obvious, as they were on D Deck.

Hi Ken,

That will be great but of course, if I have a working and functional set of wheels, a trip to Boston for your book signing there would not be out of the question, it's only about 4 hours from here. Thank you for taking the time to reply.