Ghosts of the Abyss by James Cameron

Hey you guys!
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I just saw it last night! AMAZING STUFF!!!!!
There was a bit too much of Bill Paxton for my taste (Lot's of shots with Bill looking out the porthole saying "I can't believe we're actually here at Titanic It's so amazing" Way too melodramatic) and too many obvious attemps at humor. But they did have TONS more wreck footage than Titanica had and the inclusion of the live action 1912 skits were well produced and poignant. I want to write more about it but words can't really explain how incredible it is to see the lit Reception Room windows in 3D. They have the most amazing way of showing 3D footage of the wreck's interior and perfectly inserting the 1912 charachters among it in a way the leaves you breathless. Incredible stuff.
The include the wireless equipment, The Reception Room (in great detail), The elevators, the firemen's mess, Smith's tub (as usual), assorted 1st class cabins, And even a bref shot of the spiral stairs.
Suffice to say, I'll be a regular at the IMAX theatre for the next few weeks.
Anyway, my time posting is short but I'm glad to visit the message board after many months of work and school. It's changed SO MUCH! Very nice!

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I clearly need to watch GOtA. can't believe after all these years, I've only seen it once