Pat Winship

My son reminded me of an incident that really must have scared people on board the Olympic as she passed near the Titanic's grave.

In 1929 Olympic was involved in perhaps the most unusual incident of her career. On 18 November, Olympic was steaming just a few degrees from Titanic’s last known position when the ship was shaken continuously for two full minutes. Olympic happened to be traveling 2.5 miles above the large Grand Banks Earthquake of that year. Despite the unusual experience she was unaffected. By Brian Hawley for Jeff Newman's

Pat W

matthew ewing

being a independent parapsycologist, i beleive that a "ghost ship" of Titanic is possible. what defines a haunting, usually a tramatic event. well titanic is well known for being a tramatic event. so the possibility of a ghost ship is plausible. But then again, you never know, the wreck itself could be just as haunted. just something to think about.

chris graziano

I never though of this. what a good topic.
there could well be a ghost ship
of the titanic. re living the tragedy over and over. every year on april 14.
there must be so much engery left over at
the spot where the tragedy happened.

I belive in ghosts and the sprit world.
and i also ghost hunt lol