Giant oil spill on Delaware River from punctured tanker

Deborah Kogan

Jan 29, 2003
About two weeks ago an oil tanker, the Athos I, scraped up along an underwater pipe, making a long incision and puncture in its single hull. The result was a giant oil spill, over 473,500 gallons of thick crude oil spread for over eighty miles down the Delaware River. This reaches from within three miles of the drinking water intake for my neighborhood (yum!) in Philadelphia, down the river past the S.S. New Jersey, past the S.S. United States, past the Nature preserves of the Tinicum Wildlife Center (oiling and killing hundreds of waterbirds- they are rescuing some) and all the way to the state of Delaware.. The United States is still permitting single hulled tankers until 2015. I understand that Europe won't permit ships like this to go along their coasts and rivers. Why should WE permit such things?! I vaguely recall this topic being discussed on this site some time ago. Look at the environmental disaster we now have!!