Gift From Ismay to Captain EJ Smith

Jul 5, 2014
Hello- I've been collecting Titanic/White Star for some time. I have in my possession a bronze box engraved "To Captain Edward J Smith ~ Your Friend J Bruce Ismay ~ White Star Line. It weighs 2-3 pounds, is comprised of individual panels and the writing is hand-engraved and "of the period" (1910s). I acquired it from an individual who got it from a lady who worked for actor Laurence Naismith in Australia after he retired from motion pictures. (He portrayed Captain Smith in "A Night to Remember" in the 1950s). Naismith was visited on the set of the film by Captain Smith's daughter, Helen, who gave him the box. Anyone have any thoughts? I'd be happy to post pics if this forum has a means of doing so. I have pics on google plus #titanic.
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Adam Went

Apr 28, 2003
Very interesting, Susan! Thanks for sharing it. I wonder if it would be worthwhile taking it to an antiques expert to see what they think of it? If it is a genuine article, then it would certainly hold a lot of value.


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