Good god have they gone mad

May 28, 2001
Sunday Times has possible one of the most grisly stories I've yet come across. They have gone ahead with the exhumation of Alfred Peacock to test his dna to confirm his relationship to "two distant female relatives" in Canada.

For the love of god, why ?? What possible good can it do either of these two distant female relatives now to know this ? And if I - if any of you - were approached by someone who told us there was a remote possibility of there being a relative of yours in one of those graves, would you give permission to have them dug up and messed about with?

Is this not reducing a fine scientific procedure with fantastic benefits to humanity to the level of a child's chemistry set - let's see what we can do with this ??

And what will these two Canadian ladies do with this information ?

The website is and you'll have to register to read the story. And then you'll have to go go walkabout to calm down

Anthony Charles Givelin Paine

Dear Susan,
I read the 'Sunday Times' yesterday and i did not come across the article you refer to . I had alook again today and still can't find it.Which section is it in and what page?
Kind regards,

Dave Gittins

Apr 11, 2001
It's hard to say from the article whether the affair is being driven by the two women, who are not necessarily Canadian. It's the scientists who are described as 'in Canada'. It may be that it's all part of work to eliminate other possibilities, such as the Swedish boy.

The article has been published in other papers that are part of the Murdoch empire. Aussies will find it in The Australian for August 5th.
Nov 22, 2000
Susan, Don't believe ALL that you read in the newspapers! As one who has been "involved" in this story I can assure you that the facts are not as suggested. Unfortunately, at the moment I am unable to make further comment this space.....!


Pat Cook

Apr 27, 2000
Man. If I had a nickel for everytime Whitfield has asked me to watch a space...'Course, I could never spend them because I'm too busy watching spaces!
May 28, 2001
Anthony - unfortunatly I heard about this article from my boss, who, like all those who surround Titanoracks, is constantly on the lookout for such stories. Dave, I hope it didn't look as if I was having dig at Canadians, or even these two ladies,who I am sure are blameless. Doubtless Geoff will be able to enlighten us shortly.

I'm new to this particular game. How long does 'space watching' usually go on for ?

May 8, 2001
Susan. I understand your plea! Forensics is an interesting field, but when it is taken to such extremes, one has to ask when will it end. On one side you say that if this is a family's wish to know and lay the subject to rest, it would be closure for them, and o.k. but this child (IMHO) has become a symbol of ALL children that have perished, and hope for ALL families that maybe this was so-n-so. I have found myself thinking of all the children by name when thinking of this grave. I would hate for those others to fade into the woodwork because "We know the identity."
In regards to newspaper articles, I will back up the words of Geoff...>>>Don't believe ALL that you read in the newspapers! I can assure you that the facts are not as suggested.<<< Let me give you a brief and unrelated example.
My husband was out on a call regarding a man that had died of a heart attack and was found in his house. He had something like 60 wild and vicious dogs on his property, and they had to be contained before the coroner could get inside. By the time the newspapers got ahold of the story in Las Vegas Nevada about 130 miles away, they had this happening on another day, got the mans first name incorrect and claimed the dogs had parts of him drug out into their dog igloos!
I'd watch this close, but listen to reliable inside sources. And as always, my prayers are for the best for this little baby.

patrick toms

in relation to susan morrison and her surprise at the two canadians trying to trace their relatives on the titanic and who drowned i can understand why as i had a relative on the titanic and would like dna evidence.
pat toms

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