Good movie but I have one complaint

Jeff Wilmot

Feb 22, 2009
First off, this is my first post here, though I've been a Titanic buff for a long time. I did like Cameron's movie, but one thing gets to me. It seems like whenever Titanic is brought up in conversation, media, etc, people seem to only think of this movie. The ultimate disgust was years ago when a cruise ship hit an iceberg (don't remember when, where, what ship, or whether or not she sank), the news reporter referred to it as "the REAL LIFE Titanic"! To so many people, it seems Cameron's movie has turned the Titanic tragedy into just another work of fiction. I'm glad we have sources like this to keep the REAL story of Titanic alive.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>the news reporter referred to it as "the REAL LIFE Titanic"! <<

You may find that this was over the cruise ship which struck ice and sank off Antarctica last year. The comparision was to be expected but it wasn't really appropriate since everybody on this one survived.

Will C. White

Apr 18, 2007
Michael, I think the point Jeff is making is that the reporter acted as if the loss of RMS Titanic was fictional, and I believe he is correct in that the popularity of a motion picture with heavy fictional main story elements, and the effects of almost 100 years on human memory, tends to obscure the fact that the event actually occurred. I find it a common failing with the young who tend to use the internet as their primary source of information; kind of like, is chocolate good or bad for you, which study says what this week. WILL
May 3, 2005
"All I know is what I read in the newspapers, and that's my excuse for ignorance." - Will Rogers

Substitute "Internet"...or "Television" for "newspapers"....
Nov 26, 2005
I'm wondering if it wasn't just this particular reporter trying to throw together a quick "catch line" to grab audience attention while she did her thing and the line just came out ignorant. You know how these reporters are. They try to come up with some kind of cute catch phrase when bringing attention to the story they have to report. Just a guess. Who knows?

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