Governor General Loudon

Nov 14, 2005
This is a question I have for the mariners here who drove ships. In another recent thread about anchors and such it got me to thinking about something I have been curious about for quite awhile. Captain Lindeman of the Governor General Loudon at one point while fighting to get thru a tsunami caused by the Krakatoa eruption had to drop anchors while still underway. Is this something that is taught or was this guy just a fast thinker. He was credited with saving his ship. Here is the relevant passage from his diary: "So we let down both anchors and kept the screw turning slowly at half speed in order to ride over the terribly high seas which kept suddenly striking us presumably in consequence of a "sea quake,". Just curious if anyone knows...Thanks.
History of Geology: August 27, 1883: Krakatoa - The day the world exploded