Goya loss of more than 6000 has been found


Henning Pfeifer

Hi all,
some of you probably the first time hear from this ship. The "Goya" was one of three german ships that were sunk in 1945 within a few weeks in the same region with an estimated total loss of more than 15.000 people: the "Wilhelm Gustloff" (est. 7.000 up to 10.000 casualties), the "General Steuben" (3.500) and the "Goya" (6.500).

A few weeks ago the german explorer Ulrich Restemeyer recovered the wreck of the "Goya". Since 1991 Restemeyer also has recovered the wrecks of the "Gustloff" and the "Steuben".

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Most infos in the web are in german, this is one english link:

fred pelka

Dear Henning,

Thank you for this post, and also the link. These are indeed very tragic stories, and they deserve and need to be told.

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Chen Xiaodi


Thanks for the message.
I am searching the material of "Wilhelm Gustloff" and want to write a paper on it in Chinese.
I am very glad to know the "General Steuben" and the "Goya" information. And I will visit the website you post, maybe I will write some more papers in Chinese.
Thanks a lot.