Grand staircase

May 6, 2003
Hi everybody
I am a real big titanic fan and this might sound crazy but i want to build a house with a replica titanic grand staircase when i get older, and i need to find out where i can get the blueprints of the oak carvings, cherub, clock, dome etc. so that this could one day become reality. I really hope that i can make it exactly like that original. All help is appreciated.
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Brian R Peterson

Hi Stefan!

First, while your idea is noble, I hate to say it is very far fetched. The hundreds of square yards of finished oak for the paneling alone would cost a small fortune and that is without the expense of having it carved and installed. The wrought iron dome would be another huge expense, not including the marble tiling. It is just not financially feasible for anyone other than Bill Gates to attempt to recreate something as grandiose as the Titanic's Grand Staircase.

Second, I am not certain that the blueprints and carving guides for the Titanic's interior are available to the general public, so many of these documents were lost or stolen during the Loss Inquiries and are probably either locked away in Harland & Wolff's vaults or in private hands. The best you could do is to find the source Cameron used for his movie.


Jamie Bryant

Aug 30, 2003
The plans are locked in Harland & Wolff. Anyway Cameron mostly used plaster for his Grand Staircase. It was only the actual stairs and railings that were made out of wood. Also it is feasible to do, but not boat deck to G deck. Just Boat deck and A deck ( the main part) Although it was very difficult finding a house that could A: accomodate it and B: was a nice place to live, fortunately..... anyway good luck with pursuing your dream.