Graves in Chicago


Michael Ridge

I'm planning a trip to Chicago, Illinois and I was wondering if any Titanic survivors or victims were buried there. Please inform me.

Rosehill Cemetery is the final resting place for Ida and Jean Hippach, both first class, and Mount Olive contains the remains of Karl Midtsjo (3rd) and Berta Nilsson. When are you going Michael? The TIS convention is in Chicago May 19-21.
While you are in Chicago you might want to see the site of the Iroquois Theatre Fire, in which Mrs. Hippach lost two children. It was over the Christmas week holiday (Dec. 30, 1903) and a great many women and children were at the matinee. The theatre itself is no longer there, it was called The Colonial for awhile, but the address is 24-28 West Randall Street.

If you go in April, there will be the new exhibit on the Eastland Disaster to see
Michael - Here is my list for Chicago from my book Titanic Memorials Worldwide - Where They Are Located :
Illinois, Chicago, Mount Olive Cemetery. Holds the grave of Berta Nilsson (later Christensen).
Illinois, Chicago, USA. A hospital has a memorial plaque to Arthur Ryerson.
Illinois, Chicago, Rosehill Cemetery. Holds the grave of Charles Eugene Williams.
also holds the graves of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hippach.

Best of luck - Brian
Thank you all for the information. Unfortunately I had to cancel my trip due to my wife having our triplets a month earlier than expected. Once again thanks.


Congrats to you and the missus...I just hope you're not losing too much sleep!
Conventioneers may want to visit sites connected to one of the most famous Titanic survivors, Lady Duff Gordon, who opened a Chicago branch of her fashion house "Lucile" in the fall of 1915. At that time 1400 Lake Shore Drive was a private residence, the former townhouse of a Col. McVeigh. It was located next door to one of Chicago’s social leaders, Mrs. Potter Palmer. The elegant house is long gone, and in its place there’s a high-rise apartment complex. I’ve been told it’s still a classy neighborhood, and that the apartment house is an Art Deco structure.

The other Chicago address connected to Lucile is the Blackstone Hotel on Michigan Avenue, her "home away from home" when she was in the city on business. She conducted formal interviews with local press from her suite, but reporters and photographers who didn’t have appointments used to wait in the lobby to catch her as she left the elevator. I’ve seen one news picture, taken of her in the Blackstone lobby, that shows her annoyance at being photographed without permission. She seems to be yelling at the cameraman!

Here are a few pictures of the Lucile salon in Chicago, taken at the time of the opening:

The faí§ade of 1400 Lake Shore Drive, showing clients arriving

The so-called "Rose Room" in the Chicago house of Lucile, where the designer’s famous lingerie was displayed

A model posing on the Rose Room mini-stage, wearing an intimate tea-gown and bed jacket
I live in Northwestern Indiana and just recently found out that August Wennerstrom lived and is buried in Culver, Indiana. I'm wondering if anyone knows the name of the cemetery where he's buried? Thanks in advance for any info
Hi Kellee - The information from my book 'Titanic Memorials Worldwide - Where they ae Located' is

Wennerstrom, August (an alias for August Andersson). Third Class passenger. Survivor. 27 years old. Died aged 66 on 25th November 1951 and buried in the local Masonic Cemetery, Culver, Indiana, USA.

Regards - Brian J. Ticehurst Southampton UK
Thank you so much Brian. I just called the local funeral home and they gave me the exact location of his grave. Since I have numerous family members buried there, the next time I go I plan on photographing his grave and will post it in case anyone is interested. On a side note, I will definitely be looking up your book. Again, thank you so much.

Kellee Hilton, Kouts Indiana USA