Graves in France


ian Hough

Hi folks just got back from my latest expedition of grave hunting in France, and returned with the following grave photo’s:

Mr Paul Romaine Marie Léonce CHEVRí‰
Buried Asnieres Cemetery — Sadly the grave has been destroyed, but I took a photo of the cemetery entrance

The entire Laroche family are buried Town cemetery Villejuif, France, including Joseph LeMercier Laroche jnr

Mrs Elsie Eugene Lourette Buried Fontenay Paris — Again the grave was destroyed in 1945, yet again I took a photo of the cemetery entrance

Mrs Antoinine Mallet was buried at Courbevoice, Paris

Master Andre Mallet was buried Conches Cemetery, Normandy

Mr Pierre Marechal was buried Bailly Cemetery - (not far from Versaillles, Paris)

Mr Alfred Fernand Omont was buried Vaugirard Cemetery, (rue Lecourbe), Paris

Many thanx to both Olivier.Mendez and Brian Ticehurst for their help in locating them

Sadly on our last day our car broke down just outside Paris and was beyond repair,
by the time we had arranged a hire car to take us to the ferry it was to late to visit Miss Bertha LeRoy who was buried Hersin-Coupigny - (not far from Saint-Omer - in Pas De Calais Department North of France) — but on my return after emailing Olivier.Mendez he kindly supplied me with the photo.

All of the above photo’s can be seen on my website

All the best

PS. Sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve had Phil, congratulations on sorting it out and getting it up and running again

PSS How do you get home from the Dover Ferry terminal when your car has died?

The answer:

Been out of touch for so long try this link

And that should take you there, but you all knew that already didn't you.

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