Graves of Titanic passengers


Alex de Hoop

I recently discovered a site where you can find the graves of 'famous' people, including the graves of several passengers of the Titanic. Survivors as well as victims.

I could not find this information on the messageboard. For those who are interested:

You choose: 'Search by claim to fame' and then 'Victims of crime and disaster'

If you know any other comparable sites I would be pleased to hear that.


Dennis Foley

HI Alex: Thanks for the info. Although morbid, it is actually a very interesting site. I have contacted "findagrave" to contribute photos of Titanic victim Arthur O'Keefe's memorial, which I recently contributed to this organization. Thanks again. Dennis

Marilyn Burgess

Hi all:

I have info that passenger, second class, J. H. Krillner is buried in grave # 165, Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Also passenger, Thomas Storey, third class, is buried in the same location in grave either # 261 or 281 hard to make out the number in photograph.

Also a Zacharian buried in Halifax also.

Thought this might be of interest to someone.

Dear All

I have left a message on the Crew message board. I recently discovered a grave in Numhead Cemetery, London, England, for the Nichols family. At the bottom of gravestone it says Arthur Nichols, lost his life on the Titanic 15.4.1912 aged 46. I assumed he was a crew member but may have been a passenger. In any case I can't find him on either list, can anyone help?

Michele Burford
Sorry! Forgot to send the link. Nunhead- a really lovely old Victorian cemetery-not QUITE Highgate though- is 52 beautiful acres thankfully rescued by the English Heritage and The Friends of Nunhead-it nearly went to ruin and utter abandonment- if you go to visit leave a donation! They deserve it.

Pat Cook

I thought I'd mention this here (Brian must be out of town). Here is a likely candidate for the gentleman in question, IMHO.

"Mr A. D. Nichols, 34, was born in Warwick.

When he signed-on to the Titanic, on 4 April 1912, he gave his address as 43 Suffolk Avenue, (Southampton). His last ship had been the Olympic. As a third class steward he received monthly wages of £3 15s.

Nichols died in the sinking. His body, if recovered, was never identified."

I realize his age contradicts the tombstone inscription but, from what I've discovered, it was not unheard of for a crew member to lie about his or her age in order to 'get on'.

Hope this is of some help.

Best regards,
Hello Cook!

English tombstones of that era rarely gave the correct age, possibly because they didn't hold as much store in ages as we do in today's society.
Having done much research into passengers and crew of "The Big Three", and utilising contemporary newspapers, I noticed that a typical allusion to age would be "Mr. Whitfield was of advanced years" whereas today's papers would read "92 year old Whitfield"
So, when it came to putting an age to the dearly departed, especially in rural areas where dates mattered even less, the relatives just made a guess.

Dear Michele,

Have been speculating over your find in the
Nunhead Cemetery. Forgive my delay in answering
as it has been a hectic Holiday weekend.
When I saw your post, I though immediately
about Mr A D Nichols, third-class steward. The
age of 46 does not equate with that given on
the sign-on sheets, but I have been unable to
locate any A D Nichols in the birth records
for around 1877 which is when a 34 year-old
would have been born in 1912. In truth, I dis-
covered one, but he was born in Mildenhall
district and not in Warwickshire.
Mansion House records do not record an
entry for this man's family.
Then, I thought of the Bosun, supposedly
Alfred Nichols. He was born in New South Wales
but the birth registry website for Australia
does not show his birth there. I doubt that
this is our man, as he had a wife and children
and would not be most likely to have been
memorialized without them at his age.
A third possibility is that he travelled
under the name of another person, as there
are many cases of that amongst the crew.
A fourth is that he lied about his age.
I would be interested in what else you find.
Thanks for the info. And, Colleen: thanks
for the kind word.

Best Regards,

Brian M
>>>... "92 year old Whitfield<<<... um... That isn't really true is it? You are confusing this poor blonde.
I hope you are feeling better today! :) Colleen

p.s. an hour later... o.k. I just looked up John Lennon, and if he was born in October 1940, you'd be a baby boomer. (Do you use that term in England?) Gee it's only taken an H.O.U.R.
Dear Brian and all

Thank for all your efforts regarding Arthur Nichols, I was unable to find him or the family on 1881 Census either.

I will look at the cemetery records shortly and see if that throws any light on him and will let you all know.

Best wishes

>>>(But I'm still younger than Behe and Cook!)<<
COMBINED???? ... oops. Your week isn't up yet is it? (I said I would be nice to you for a whole week.......) :)

Michele: Please do keep searching. I am interested in knowing for sure. Isn't it great fun to find a lead like this? I get a thrill from finding a house, or small lead out here.
Judith. It probably doesn't help to assume Boston, where her body was forwarded. There
must be some sort of documentation that tells what the wishes were of the sister when she got to Boston. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but maybe someone else may know. Colleen

Pat Cook

Regarding Katherine Buckley I found the following in Senan Molony's excellent book, "The Irish Aboard Titanic":

"The American Red Cross noted in its 1913 report on aid provided in the aftermath that it had been involved in the transfer of the body to the Catholic cemetery in Roxbury: 'No. 58. (Irish) Domestic servant, 20 years of age, was drowned. The body was recovered and sent to a sister in Boston where the burial occurred'."

Hope this is of some help.

Best regards,
Dear Judith,

Catherine Buckley, who died in the Titanic disaster, was buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery, 990 LaGrange Street, West Roxbury, Massachusetts in the Field of Bethlehem lot, Section F, grave 343 in May, 1912. If you would like further information, the cemetery telephone number is (617) 327-1010.

I hope this will help you in your search.

Michael Findlay
A correction to something on this site about 3rd class passenger Michael P. 'Ty' Joseph...

On this site under his bio you have..."On his gravestone is a small painting of the Titanic."

In a recent book I have purchased, there is a photo of the grave marker...It is a large black granite monument and the picture of the Titanic is etched on the stone, not painted. It is a wonderful view of the Titanic steaming through the waves.

I have seen many simular looking stones here in US cemeteries, a lot for young children whose parents have had the face of the child etched on the gravestone.

The book is called 'Titanic - The Great Lake Connections' by Cris Kohl published in 2000.