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Great Eastern Photo Collection

Discussion in 'Great Eastern' started by Itsstillthinking, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Im hoping for some time in the future to have a animation on the Eastern, and a playable demo. But for now i thought i would upload all the photos i have acquired so far of the ship, and plans if i find any.
    01-great-eastern-plan-2000.png 5b423357ade1cd0cb6a5078f1c928915.jpg 790px-building_the_great_eastern_4703194036.jpg 01934_01936_1_l.jpg 2010-p-64-Fig-1-001-1024x758.jpg 146108_0.jpg 364361.jpg 364370.jpg 383814.jpg 383834.jpg 383835.jpg 436226.jpg 90775493-1024x1024.jpg 90775505-1024x1024.jpg 90775509-1024x1024.jpg 8204527769_e7b9c167d7_b.jpg 8204527865_030a4de053_b.jpg 8204773855_86e929a9aa_o.jpg 27431939942_eeb5049714_b.jpg E9CNEX.jpg facb12eb5f646e42a9318b6342531b45.jpg gal_wonders_lounge.jpg GE09a.jpg GE16a.jpg Great Eastern 1.jpg great_eastern.jpg Great_Eastern_1866-crop.jpg great_eastern_by_rms_olympic_d9h9rq0-fullview.jpg Great_Eastern_SLV_AllanGreen.jpg Great_Eastern1.jpg Great_Eastern-Stapellauf.gif GreatEastern.jpg greateastern3.jpg great-eastern-kai.jpg great-eastern-steuerbord.jpg great-eastern-wrack.jpg H3BNCJ.jpg IMG_6021.jpg J0FT00.jpg J0FT05(1).jpg J0FT05.jpg J0FW0J.jpg J0FW08.jpg KAJMK9.jpg KATBXW.jpg le-ss-great-eastern-dans-la-riviere-mersey-lors-du-declassement-d0he3j.jpg medium_1861_0026_0001__0002_viewing.jpg medium_1861_0026_0002__0001_.jpg medium_1861_0026_0003__0002_viewing.jpg medium_1861_0026_0004__0002_viewing.jpg medium_1861_0026_0005__0002_viewing.jpg medium_1861_0026_0006__0002_viewing.jpg medium_1861_0026_0007__0002_viewing.jpg Oscillating_engine,_and_boilers,_of_Great_Eastern.gif The_Great_Eastern_by_Robert_Howlett,_1857.jpg v7561.jpg v7564.jpg v7566.jpg v7568.jpg wp7e1f81c6_05_06.jpg
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  2. From a old defunct website about the ship
    1.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg cable3.jpg capharrison.jpg constr6.jpg constr7.jpg cshull1.jpg csmod4.JPG csmod6.jpg csmod8.jpg csmod9.jpg csmod10.jpg csmod13.jpg csmod18.jpg geconstr2.jpg geconstr3.jpg geconstr5.jpg gedubln1.jpg geinterior2.jpg geinterior3.jpg geny1.jpg geny2.jpg plan1.jpg plan4.jpg plan5.jpg white.jpg
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  3. SmileyGirl

    SmileyGirl Guest

    This was a lovely ship.
  4. here are is some nice footage of the great Britain
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  5. SmileyGirl

    SmileyGirl Guest

    Ooh thanks for this. I will look at this tomorrow.
  6. Rob Lawes

    Rob Lawes Member

    I grew up in Bristol UK, berth place and home of the SS Great Britain. My avatar is the Great Britain's propeller. I've witnessed her restoration and preservation over a number of visits from when she was little more than a painted hulk in the early 80's to her current status today. She is the first true transatlantic liner and an outstanding piece of engineering. Brunel sometimes got things wrong (the Great Eastern, the Atmospheric Railway, Broad Gauge trains) but when he was right it was a thing of beauty.
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  7. Very true!
    Though it can be said the "Failures" of Brunel where more due to the fact they where years ahead of their time. Like the Atmospheric Railway, iv been seeing some report in the past few years of them trying this again on a a small scale with great success.

    Iv got two questions for you Rob if you dont mind?

    1. Its been quite clear that in recent years the state of restoration for the Britain has advanced alot, im wondering how much has been restored?
    I know that the main saloon is restored, but iv seen some footage of which looks like a full scale model of her engines but im not sure if its real or just a clever camera trick on a model.

    2. Have you ever been down to where the Great Eastern was scrapped? Iv seen reports that large amounts of her hull are burred beneath the sand and there are still some huge pieces viable when you remove the marine growth.

    Still amazes me how a propeller designed by someone in the Victoria era in a tall hat is still only slightly less efficient than a modern one
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