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my ships are the celestia, the Luna, the twilight, the h.m.h.s.titannia, the cadence, and the rms Olympic II the green and gold star lines newest liners.
built in Belfast during the start of the first world war the first of the Olympic class 2.0 was even better than the Olympic class.
the celestia or R.M.S Celestia was stronger than titanic, Britannic, and Olympic combined as the flagship of the green and gold star line with a white hull and duel golden stripes down the middle of her hull, she was three feet longer than Britannic when she was launched.
tonnage: 70,000 tons
length: 983 1/2 feet
width: 182 1/2 feet
height: 103 feet
lifeboat capacity: 67 lifeboats including twelve collapables, two motor driven boats, and five regular boats and six two funneled lifeboats.
the image of the r.m.s Luna shown below is how big they actually are.

Rms luna


The rms celestia 3

my ancestor sir Robert j. peirpontdeleon Terrence, who was at the age of eleven at the time of it's founding. he created the first of the green and gold star line's cargo and light passenger vessels.
in the year 1899-1900 rumor spread that sir Robert was planning to copy the north star line and in the summer of 1903 the Saratoga was borne however she hit a light vessel on the starboard side out side of new York and sank with in fifty-five minutes in 1904.
in 1905 however the green and gold star line came under my great-great-great-great-great-great grand father, sir kristoff Anthony willcox the first, he decided to create a liner that in order to snatch the title of the blue rib-band trophy he had Belfast's Harland and Wolfe shipyard's build the first of his new breed of liners: he called it the Olympic class and in 1905 the keel of the r.m.s celestia was laid, three years later in the year of our lord 1907 the celestia was finished being built, she was launched in the 15th of may 1907, the Luna's keel was laid on that same day too.
the celestia though had to wait as her owner wanted to sail her on the 10th of April 1912.
in the summer of the year 1909 the Luna was launched and the white star line's olympic's keel was laid. and on the 10th of april of 1910 the R.M.S Luna sailed to new York and won the blue ribband trophy.

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I need you all to send me your new liners for me to decide who's design will be on the front of the ad for the green and gold star line.

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As the existence of this topic demonstrates, discussion of imaginary ships and non-existent shipping lines has a long history here, even though it might not be everyone's cup of tea.