Greetings from Scotland


Aug 15, 2018
Hey Folks,

I have had a strong interest in the great liners from a young age now spanning some 30yrs. My interest has seen me stay on the Queen Mary and to enjoy a first class transatlantic run on the QM2. Ive also collected a few bits n bobs for QE2 and the Olympic and spent time in Belfast and over in New York where I highly recommend a stay at the famous Jane Hotel.

Sorry its taken me so long to land here though.


Dec 13, 2018
Hello Alan,

A number of similarities: fellow Scot; new to ET; gripped by the North Atlantic liners since a child - I made the 1/350 scale Entex model of Titsnic as a 12 year old; and also had the good fortune of QG on QM2 - just back from my fourth transatlantic crossing. It is always poignant to be on deck at night around the Grand Banks at Newfoundland and see how dark and isolated being on the Ocean that April night must have been.

I look forward to exploring the resources here.
May 3, 2005
Welcome and Greetings to ET to Alan in Scotland from Robert in Texas -

One of the things I have found most interesting about these forums is that although I was in the U.S. Navy, I have learned a lot more about everything about Naval things on these forums than I did in my 4 years in the U.S.N. !

However, you will find at least several person who are real sailors and experienced experts who know.about a lot of things and they will set things straight on a lot of subjects. So pay heed to them and learn a lot !

And if you should ever visit the United States, I would recommend you include the Hotel Queen
Mary in Long Beach, California.

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May 3, 2005

My Uncle John went to sea with RN way back in the 1890s His son, John went to Abadan in the 1930s then emigrated in 1946. Just thought I'd have a try. Welcome, anyway. Great to have fresh ideas.
I had an Uncle, but he was named Fred, who visited relatives in England and returned to the USA on the Queen Mary some time in 1936 or 1937.
Henry later said he had
shared a cabin somewhere on "D" Deck in Third Class. He mentioned that the QM took one of those terrific '' rolls '' during his journey.

Many years later, I had made tentative plans, and even had a confirmed reservation for Second Class Cabin C-119 on Queen Mary . But I cancelled it due to change of plans. During a visit to New York one year , I had the opportunity to visit and take a tour of the Queen Mary when it happened to be in Port during my visit. After seeing C-119 first hand and hearing about those "rolls" I was indeed very glad I had cancelled my reservation .

However, years later we stayed in former Cabin A-115 , had dinner at Sir Winston's and took a guided tour of Hotel Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, USA. I can report it was the highlight of our vacation trip, that year, we highly enjoyed it , and I can highly recommend it. Bon Voyage if you are considering the same !

Incidentally , in case you're not deep into nautical terms there is a lot of difference between the real seasoned sailors such as Jim Currie (and many others on these forums) and persons like myself who was in the navy for just one four-year enlistment , only in my highest "Rank" as a Second Class Petty Officer and only in a highly specialized "Rating" as an Electronic Technician and that in just radar equipment. LOL.

What in the world is this thing called a "Sextant" and how do you look at the sun and stars and find out where you are in the middle of the ocean in the deep blue sea ? You hear a lot about those things from some sailors, but I never saw one in my four years in the navy.
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