Gregg Robertson

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Jun 10, 1999
Mr. Robertson:

It looks as tho your hand was touched by the almighty as well...:) Thanks for sharing too!

Something I have been egging to see, over all these yrs., is a *direct 90 degree*, with the rudder acting as a point of center, view of TITANICS' wrecked stern. Granted that the peeled back poop deck is an obstruction, perhaps with your knack, you could altar the vantage point angle, and render the port/starboard wing propellors as they are today?

I have this arid fascination with shipwreck propellors. Perhaps because, afer all the hustle-bustle in the engine room, in the end, the beautiflly honed maganese bronze propellors would power a leviathan across the sea.

I adored that
*triple screw* segment in CAMERONS' epic!

Michael A. Cundiff
May 9, 2000
Dear Raymond,

this is your third posting you are asking for a rating. I have visited your homepage and I see that you are 15. I created my very first Titanic homepage about three years ago and I took it off the worldwide web after some months because I saw that that there were so many Titanic sites with more informations.

As it seems you are interested a big deal in our "ship of dreams". Keep on working and some day you will have a Titanic page which will tell it's own story with your own words, your own ideas and your very own pictures.

I would rate your site as a well done beginners site (I hope you don't mind the word "beginner" - I am nearly 40...).

Best regards Henning Pfeifer
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