H & W plans

I have e-mailed Mr. Waddell myself to find out what the blinking is going on, and will let you all know when I get a reply.
Mr Waddel has replied:

"The plans on the list below are the only plans we have for sale
unfortunately work load means we can not always answer requests for plans
swiftly but all requests for plans will be answered in due course


Dave Waddell

Phone 02890 534341
Fax 02890 534027"

So I guess the best I can council is patience.

Thanks for taking the time to e-mail Mr. Waddell. I'm glad he took the time to respond to your e-mail; at least that answers the question regarding whether or not H&W was even receiving these quiries. Given the shortage of people at H&W these days, I imagine that it doesn't take much to overload the few remaining employees they have.

Scott Andrews
Yes, thanks Lee!

I think Scott has hit the nail on the head. I e-mailed right after they downsized and stopped building ships. Perhaps Mr. Waddell now knows more about what H&W has to offer Titanic enthusiasts.

Michael McCaughan's book "The Birth of the Titanic" has a snail mail address in the back. I'm going to try that. I'll keep you posted. The trip to Franklin Institute was great. Mike, I'm sorry but there wasn't any information of Inclining Experiment or anything else on stability.
>>I'm sorry but there wasn't any information of Inclining Experiment or anything else on stability.<<

Ahhhhhhhhh...rats! Oh well, hope springs eternal I suppose. I hope one of these days, this information will be found somewhere.
I haven't given up yet. If it exists I'll find it, even if I have to go to Belfast personally.
I'll be looking forward to it. It sure would be nice to have the actual figures and data rather then the "cooked" numbers which exist today.

Just to let you know. I will be selling my art work of the Titanic. This is the Grand staircase limited to 100 prints.
Does anybody know if David Waddel is still a good contact?

I've e-mailed a few sources trying to get plans, but so far I'm not receiving any response. I want the layout of the ships spaces, including the engineering spaces, catwalks, and escape ladders. I am also very interested in the ship's engineering systems: feedwater, steam, electrical, coaling, etc. I understand that this is in the Builder's Plans, or am I incorrect?
From the the Ulster and Folk Transport Museum:

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the Titanic ship plans, of which there are a wide range in our collection. Unfortunately we do not currently have a ship plan copying service, although this is something which we hope to be able to offer in the coming months. We have also undertaken a large project to digitise many of the Olympic class ship plans and hope to make some of these available online. If you wish I can register your interest and contact you when this service is up and running.

I will post any notifications here.
Contacting Ulster.

Apparently they have over 8,000 plans, and only a chunk was transferred to NMNI, if my friend is correct.

I also wonder if they secretly have this General Arrangement plan hidden.
Last seen in 1988's "Treasures of the Titanic: The Adventure continues with Doug Llewelyn."
Titanic GA plan 1987