Had Olympic avoided scrapping as well as surviving WW2, and becoming a Hotel Ship post-war. Would she have been used as a filing location.


As in, being used as a filming location for movies and tv episodes/miniseries that center around the Sinking of the Titanic as the main subject. For Scenes that don't involve flooding and sinking, of course.

as in, the following:

- Titanic (1953)

- A Night to Remember

- The Time Tunnel first episode (Rendezvous with Yesterday)

- SOS Titanic (1979)

- Voyagers TV series episode, "Voyages of the Titanic"

- Titanic (1996 miniseries)

- Titanic (1997)

- Titanic (Julian Fellowes miniseries)

Rennette Marston

Rennette Marston
Probably. But only if kept under very good conditions. And if it wasn't for the Great Depression. The Olympic was already breaking apart by the time she was scrapped - even though she held well for 20+ years.

Aly Jones

The problem is Olympic retired in 1935, and Titanic started to gain popularity after ANTR in 1956. There was nothing speical about Olympic for people to keep her around in 1935.

If Olympic retired around 1955, she most likely would had been kept for ever. But her retirement was 20 years too early.