Hamburg-America's Bismarck

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Anyone knows where I can get a picture of the Bismarck in her original colors before the transfer to Whits Star Line as the Majestic? Thanks!
I will add some very rare launch photographs of the Hamburg-America Line Bismarck to this thread the following three images are from my personnel collection.

This is as close as you will get to images of the Bismarck as she was launched on June 20, 1914. And in August, 1914 all work on the vessel stopped for the duration of the war.

June 28, 1919 the uncompleted Bismarck was handed over to Great Britain as a war reparation. As this point work to finish the vessel was started again under the supervision of the British Government. On October 5, 1920 the unfinished vessel was gutted by a fire.

In February, 1921 the British Government sold the Bismarck and the Imperator together to both the Cunard Line and the White Star line. The White Star Line ended up taking control over the uncompleted Bismarck. On March 28, 1922 the work on the Bismarck was completed and she left on her time trials on April 1, 1922. The Bismarck's time trials lasted for ten days. She was then re-named the Majestic and handed over to White Star Lines,

The Majestic left on her Maiden voyage from Southampton to New York on May 10, 1922.

S. Anderson Collection, 2003
Publisher Varlag Gebr, Moehlke, Hamburg C.

Another rare photographic postcard image of the launch of the Bismarck.

S. Anderson Collection 2003
Publisher: Niering, Hamburg 30 C. 1914

An lastly a colorized post Launch Bismarck postcard

S. Anderson Collection, 2003
Publisher: K.W.,H. C. 1914
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