HampW Employee Named Morrow

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It would depend on whether or not he was actually working at Harland & Wolff at the time the Olympic and the Titanic were being built. If he was, odds are that he may well have done some work on one or even both. The thing is, the builders didn't keep records that detailed. People were sent where needed as needed on a day to day basis.

Michael H. Standart
Jack...in the April 15, 2002 edition of the Hamilton Spectator, they ran a local story of a man who was part of the "Guarantee Group" who eventually settled in Hamilton, Ontario; (as told from a daughter); he was in charge of the wood construction within the Titanic; the story goes that the wife of this man had a terrible dream prior to leaving and she pleaded him to cancel his trip...although his duty called for his attendence, he finally gave in to his wife's wishes, who was known to be somewhat of a proven psychic...anyway, i'm going by memory here, but i believe his name was James Morrow.....could this be the man you're referring to ?
Another fairy tale! There was nobody called Morrow in the guarantee group and none of them survived. Titanic sure sends in the clowns!
actually, my mistake, maybe James Morrow wasn't part of the Guarantee Group, but he was definitely part of the builders team..he was a 'joiner', and it was Roderick Chisholm (chief draftsman) of the guarantee group who's wife also had bad premonitions; unfortunately, he chose to sail..
i know this technically is not crew but i heard of an ansestor of mine who worked for harland n wolf and help build titanic ( and presumably olypic and brittanic) his last name was mcmorrow

There was a Thomas Morrow from County Down, not far away from Belfast who was a 3rd class passenger. He did nor survive.

Roderick Chisholm did not like Titanic, he preferred the Olympic.
Richard Paola wrote:

>...it was Roderick Chisholm (chief draftsman) of >the guarantee group who's wife also had bad >premonitions; unfortunately, he chose to sail..

Hi, Richard!

Do you happen to have any more information about this incident? If so, I'd love to hear more about it.

Premonitory experiences have always piqued my interest, and the loss of the Titanic was inextricably linked with scads of such reported incidents; these stories shed a lot of interesting sidelights on the behavior and psychology of human beings during times of stress.

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Like I said it was Roderick Chisholm who didn't like Titanic. He preferred the Olympic and he told this to his wife. He just didn't want to go on Titanic. It was more that some people didn't want to leave Ulster at that time due to the political situation.

Thomas Morrow from County Down was leaving Ulster because he believed Ireland was getting Home Rule and he didn't want to live in Ireland under those conditions.

Hi George...i'm quoting an article which appeared in the April 13, 2002 issue of the Hamilton, Ontario Spectator. The story is told by Leta Kee, who lives in Ancaster, and was the daughter of James & Letitia Morrow...anyway, the same article made a mention from Stephen Cameron of Ulster, that there is evidence that "Roderick Chisholm told his children that he didn't want to go on the voyage, but apparently felt to decline was not an option"....i apologize for my mistake George, it doesn't appear his wife had bad premonitions, rather, it was Roderick himself that felt uneasy...
In regards to Leta Kee's claims about her father, James Morrow, who was a "joiner" for the Titanic, she stated that her mother, Letitia, had a powerful premonition...i can email you privately about this if you want...
Hi, Jim and Richard!

Thanks very much for your clarifications about this matter -- much appreciated.

Richard, I received your email regarding Mrs. Morrow's dream; interesting stuff! The account is very reminiscent of Mrs. Navratil's dream (which she experienced on the night of April 14th) where Mr. Navratil walked silently up to her, handed her a letter sealed in a black-bordered envelope and then walked away without saying a word.

These 'messenger of doom' dreams are fascinating.

Thanks again, guys.

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