Hands Off The Titanic

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Paul Lee

Aug 11, 2003
Dear all,
Sorry I have been quiet, I have been recovering from a minor nervous breakdown.

I was interested of the following graphological assessment of Beesley in "Hands off the Titanic!":
"Though still alert, it would appear from certain letter formations (notably the pointed top of the
lower case 'l'), that he had experienced much emotional stress and physical pain. It was as if the events of that April night so many decades earlier were still fresh in his mind. Even in his advancing years, Beesley was still the sort of man who liked to behave in an organized and disciplined way. The small middle zone and sharp outlines harp back to the scientific leanings of his youth...."

His daughter, Laurien Wade, describes him differently:
"complicated, cold, very charming, clever within the limits of imperseptiveness [sic] and totally
without morals” [her emphasis and spelling]

Food for thought. Theres an article on graphology at http://badpsychics.com/thefraudfiles/modules/news/article.php?storyid=689

Best wishes


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