Hans Rasmussen and Sister of Racine


Amanda Hernandez

I was wondering if anyone here on the site could confirm or dispute the evidence for a Hans Rasmussen and his sister from Racine, Wisconsin, on their way back from Denmark. I found a newspaper article from Racine on April 17th, 1912, saying that his cousin thought he was on the ship, but I can't find anymore information. Could someone point me in the right direction?
Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

Amanda, unless they were traveling under assumed names (A possibility that can't be completely discounted) then the odds are vastly against these people being on board at all if their names don't show up on the passenger lists. Period newspapers I'm afraid, are notoriously unreliable as source material for this sort of thing. They weren't above making things up whole cloth and often as not, they or their sources were just plain wrong.

Mette McCall

I read that mention of Hans Rasmussen too. I studied both newspapers in Racine, the Journal News and the Daily Times in the weeks following the disaster and no other mentioning of Hans Rasmussen occured. I did this while researching two other Danish racinians, Claus Peter and Jennie Hansen.