Happy Birthday Millvina Dean (February 2)

Indeed, Millvina, if you happen to be peeking in, I hope your having a great and happy birthday!

Michael H. Standart
Happy Birthday Ms. Dean! You are a delightful person and I hope your birthday finds you fit and happy. I hope the sun shines brightly today, too!
Best Wishes,
Darren, you crafty guy. You beat me to it. Yes indeed, I hope that Millvina Dean is having a safe and pleasant birthday today. I hope that she knows that she is thought of today by many many people.
i just read that Millvina Dean hired a small orchestra to play the Sound Of Music at her birthday party which was attended by friends and family. Sounds like Millvina had a wonderful time.

Tracy Smith

I've got a question about Millvina Dean. I recently re-read her ET biography where she is listed as Elizabeth Gladys Dean. I'm curious as to how she got the nickname Millvina and how old she was when people started calling her that.