Harland Duzen

Jan 14, 2017
I been here for nearly a year and a half, but still haven't introduced myself. Better late than never...

Hello everyone, My name is Harland Duzen (pronounced as Du-zan) although everyone here will probably know me by my pen-name of "Martin Tyne" which I since changed* to my new real name. I should say sorry to anyone who might be surprised or take offence for using a pen-name and hope I be forgiven. I was a bit naive when I first signed up (much like with the Californian affair!)

Back to topic, and I've been interested in the Titanic and everything related to her and general Maritime history since the age of 6 and probably know a bit too much! A few quirky facts about me include:
  • I'm booked into Cabin D-49 on the fictional Return Voyage List for Titanic in Honor & Glory^.
  • I hope to be an Actor and Author of a (hopefully accurate) Titanic book when I older.
  • I'm a keen Film-fanatic, and into model-making and singing (but whether I actually good at the last two remains to be seen... :confused:)
Again I hope no one takes offence for my initial disclosure of my name. It's great to be here! :)


* Thanks again to Phillip Hind for changing my account name.

Update: Thank you to whoever updated this thread's title to be more grammatically correct.
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Rob Lawes

Jun 13, 2012
Well a big hello to you.

And Rob remains my real and only moniker. (Unless I'm in trouble with the wife and then its Robert)
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