News Harland & Wolff: Why the UK needs to save historic Belfast shipyard - Reaction

Nov 14, 2005
Interesting article. Thanks. The few times I have been to Belfast I saw absolutley nothing being done in the shipyards. My impression was that they were shuttered. The only work of any sort I saw being done was some work being done on the Nomadic but I thought those were volunteer workers. I liked my trips to Belfast. Interesting place and lots of history there. Everybody I dealt with there was friendly and I had no problems. I'm apolitical and don't go there so mayby thats helps. I would hope that H&W could survive but the shipping buissness has always been a gamble.


Mar 25, 2019
Glasgow, Scotland
According to footnotes provided by ET's own Dave Gittin's in the late Michael Davies excellent "Titanic: Death and Life of a Legend" - H&W in our present century has focused it's energies and expertise more on ship repairs, oil rigs and wind turbines. It looks like the last ship off the slipway at H&W (Anvil Point) was back in 2003. The workforce consists now of only a few hundred people, albeit they are still highly skilled and respected professionals at their trade.

I think hell would freeze over before our new PM were to authorise the use of taxpayers money to save the yard. It doesn't help either that the devolved legislature, the Northern Ireland Assembly, is still suspended with no sign of reconvening anytime soon.

H&W also used to have another yard here in Glasgow but alas that is long gone.

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