Harold Cottam's brothers

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Hi everyone

Does anyone know the names of Harold Cottam's four younger brothers? I've been searching for a long time, but I've only come up with Oscar William who was three years younger than Harold. Thanks!

Carla, have you tried searching in the 1901 census for England and Wales? A preliminary search by me on www.censusonline.com came up with a Harold Cottam aged 10 born in Southwell in Nottinghamshire. Living in the same household was Oscar W. aged 6, also born in Southwell. This looks to me to be the family you are interested in. Best of luck in your further enquiries.
Tony, I found a site; www.1901census.nationalarchives.gov.uk. Is that the one you found? It charges to look at the images and articles though, and I can't pay for that service as [edited to remove information due to privacy reasons - JDT]
Do you (or anyone else) know of any free sites?

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Hi Carla,

I had a look at the census for you. The details are as follows.

Village of Easthorpe, Southwell, Nottinghamshire.
William Cottam, age 39, head. A builder, born in Southwell
Jane Cottam, age 33, wife. Born Morland, Westmoreland.
Harold, age 10, son, born Southwell
Oscar W, age 6, born Southwell
Kenneth E, age 3, born Southwell

Hope this helps
Ok, I've been searching the web for ages, but I'm not any closer to finding the other two brothers of Harold Cottam - is there anyone who can help me further? The help would be really appreciated as I'm trying to make a website dedicated to the wireless operators on the Titanic, Californian and Carpathia. Thanks in advance.

Carla, initially I was wary of being seen to go out of my way to help a young girl who did not explain the reasons behind wanting information. I hope you understand this. Now that you have provided more of the background to your search, I will supply some further information and another possible lead.

Jemma Hyder (a well-known and respected researcher on Titanic matters) stated in April 2002 that she had been researching the Cottam family history in the Southwell area for 3 years.
According to her on http://gen.forum.genealogy.com/cottam/messages/80.html the 5 Cottam brothers were Harold Thomas, Oscar William, Kenneth, Angus and Raymond.

Unfortunately, there do not appear to have been any follow-ups to Jemma's request for information in 2002. You may, however, want to make contact with her because of your common interest.
For anybody else who wants to know the full names of the brothers as I found them on freebmd.rootsweb.com after looking on Jemma's website, they are; Harold Thomas Cottam (January 1891), Oscar William Cottam (September 1894), Kenneth Ellwood Cottam (March 1898), Angus Ivor Cottam (December 1906), Raymond Edwin Cottam (March 1909). A million thanks to everybody who helped me!

Well done, Carla. I have sent a private email to Jemma Hyder through ET. In it I stated "I hope that you and Carla may be able to share information and liaise to mutual advantage." I note that JH hasn't logged on to ET for over a year now. Let's hope all is well.
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