Harold Lowes Siblings

Inger can you help me? i tried to email you but my computers playing up so i dont know if you got it. i read somewhere that Harold had seven siblings, is this correct? i can only find five of them
1 George
2 Ada
3 Edgar
4 Annie
5 Arthur
who were the other two? could you tell me their birthdates or birth years?
thanks i explained in my email why i want the information, if you didnt get the email let me know and i'll send you another one.

Inger Sheil

G'day Mary -

I did receive your email, but didn't respond immediately as I needed to go through my disordered papers to find the family tree and look up birthdates. I haven't had a chance to do that yet, but I can say that Harold had another brother named Edward, the youngest of the family, born after they moved to Barmouth.

Private information circulating, and initially given to me by a branch of the family working on the tree, also suggested there was a 'Frederick', but this was Arthur's middle name. It has also been suggested that there were two stillborn sons.

Hope this is of some assistance!
thankyou Inger,
that helps alot, i admire you for all the research you have done on the officers, i have been researching the Allisons from first class, and at first i was niave and believed everything i was told, it is only since i have been in touch with family members that i have found alot of it to be make believe.

Inger Sheil

Quite true, Mary. I was originally working from an early draft of an extensive family tree compiled by the Lowes - since then its been updated by the researcher that compiled it and various branches have added their own contribution to this woman's remarkable work (it goes back to the 16th Century and spans different branches of the family), and I've done my own genealogical work to confirm and expand sections of it. I've also delved into the Quick side of his family heritage, using Harold WG Lowe's advice and memories as a starting point, and done some work on his wife's family. It turns out that Harold Lowe's wife, Ellen, had her own interest in her family origins as well.

Ta for your kind words on the research I've done - I'm interested in your own work, and what you're turning up. When I finally get around to setting up a home office area with a scanner I'll send some photos to you of headstones etc. connected with the Lowes that may be of interest.
oh thankyou Inger, i would love the headstone pics when you have set up your office area. you are very kind. my "office" just seems to be a jumbled mess at the moment, i think i will have to sort it out lol
hello all! do you know lowe's siblings birth dates and birth years???! :D Or any pictures of them??? Inger, can you send to me lowe's and his family's pictures, please? :D And can you scan that family tree to me, please? Thank you! :D

Inger Sheil

Hallo Aino - I'm using some of that material for publication, and many of the photos are owned by the family. Should we have a chance to meet up I'll be glad to show them to you, but until then I need to hold them until after my book is finished.

The family tree runs to many, many pages - it goes back to the 16th Century, and represents the work of a very talented geneologist in the Lowe family.

Inger Sheil

No release date yet, Aino - I'll let you know as soon as I do. If you're ever able to come to a convention - for example, the BTS even held in Southampton, England - I'll bring along folders of material to show you.