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Although I met him years ago, what makes Phillimore's claim so controversy of being rescued by Lifeboat Number 14.

Any thoughts or and any suggestion would be very much appreciated please. Thanks in advance!

Best wishes

Andrew W.

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
G'day Andrew -

I'd be very interested in seeing 1912 accounts that have Philimore rescued from the sea. I know that it was later claimed he spent a couple of hours in the water, but perhaps those better versed in crew accounts know of a source contemporary with the disaster?

I had wondered if perhaps he was a candidate for the 'second class steward' who gave several interviews to different newspapers on his return to England on the Lapland. This man, who was among the interviewed crew who didn't give their names, went into great detail about #14 and Harold Lowe's actions. One interesting claim he made was that, after 14 was dropped the last few feet while being lowered to the water, he was thrown out of the lifeboat and was pulled back in.

If not Philimore, one wonders who this man was? Crowe had been held back to give evidence in the States. Morris shared the unnamed crewman's admiration of Lowe, but he was a bath attendant. If not Philimore, is it possible that one of the surviving second class stewards has been 'misallocated' to the wrong lifeboat?

L. Colombo

Nov 22, 2012
Harold Phillimore, saloon steward, was the last survivor saved from the water (except for the survivors on Collapsible A and B, who however weren't in the water although they weren't even in a dry and safe lifeboat), after having survived maybe three quarters of an hour floating on a large piece of a staircase, along with another unknown man who froze to death before Lifeboat No. 14 came. Phillimore, unlike Arthur Cunningham, Thomas Patrick Dillon, Frank Prentice etc., never testified at the enquiry, and on Internet I've not found any detailed account of what happened to him. Did he ever give an account (does exist any account) of his survival (what was he doing during the sinking, where was he when the ship went down, how did he reach the floating piece of wood etc.)?

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