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Darren Honeycutt

I just learned today that Andree Catherine Crosby had passed away. According to the Commutator that I just received in the mail, Andree passed away on April 17, 2002. She was the daughter of Titanic passenger Harriette Crosby. Don Lynch has written a very good article on Andree.

Eric S. Silvia

I was just reading an article by Don Lynch, in the newest 'Titanic Commutator' about Mrs. Andree Catherine Crosby. I have never heard anything about her previously, but was intrigued to hear her story. I dont know if most of you know the story already, but for those who don't, I think you'd like it. She was born on February 11, 1912 in England. If she had been on the Titanic, she would have been her youngest passenger. Her mother was contemplating whether or not to bring her on the Titanic, but later decided not to. She would later regret this decision so soon as the day before the Titanic left. Andree was left behind in a boading school. Her birth was what brought her grandparents to England in the first place, and now they were going back home on the Titanic. Her grandfather was lost, but her mother was saved. Because of the disaster, her mother took over a year to bring herself to crossing the ocean again. Because of this, her mother never heard Andree's first words or see her first steps. Andree and her mother and father moved to the United States in 1913, but unfortunately only saw her father a handful of times, and at the time of his death refused to acknowledge that she was his daughter. Andree worked as a dancer, and worked with several stars of the golden age. In her later years she would talk about the disaster quite frequently, and was intrigued by all of the publicity the Titanic was given. Andree died suddenly on April 17, 2002, but her story and legacy will live on forever. I thank Andree for sharing her story, and a, glad that she is finally reunited with family once again.
~Although Andree was not actually on the Titanic, I, nonetheless find stories similar to this very interesting. Just because she was not physcially on the ship, her life was still profoundly touched and changed for the rest of her life~

Bruce Miller

Hello - very special, and tasteful site. What then became of Andree Crosby Hathaway, who rather karmically missed the Titanic trip?

Bekah Arias

Where can i find the article on Andree Crosby Presley ?