Harry Giles and Walter Belford


Gavin Bell

In the acknowledgements for 'A Night to Remember' Walter Lord thanks a survivor by the name of Harry Giles -- who on earth is this? I thought that it was possibly an anglicisation of one of the survivors' names. Can anyone clarify this?

Secondly, Walter Lord credits Walter Belford. I know that Belford is completely unlisted on any crew list but can anyone shed any light on the truth of matters? Ed. Kamuda cites his death in 1963 as the impetus for the establishment of The Titanic Enthusiasts Society. Is it possible that Walter Belford managed to con both Mr Kamuda and Mr Lord??

Peter E

Dear Cameron,

there were no such people on the Titanic. Walter Belford claimed to having been 'Chief Night Baker' on the ship, but there was no such position. He has erroneously been identified as 'W Bedford', who signed on the ship's articles, but he was lost, and his name was William B Bedford, a cook.
Harry Giles was also a hoax. He claimed to having been a steward, but there was no survivor by that name.


Mike Herbold

For further info see the "Unlisted Passengers" section on this website and by going through links to societies, then the Titanic Historical Society, and finally "Synopsis of THS's history".