Harry Robert Stubbings


Aug 6, 2018
temple, ga
Here’s an amazing story of how it’s a small world,

My family moved to San Diego, Ca in 1968 from Fargo, ND. My father was a San Diego police officer. In 1980 my father was investigating a crime in La Jolla (a very wealthy part of San Diego) of a woman that was having a wall built in front of her home. While in the shower the person building the wall came into her house and tried to rape her. She was almost killed when she was beaten with a pipe. The person fled to Mexico and was never caught. My father met this woman in the hospital.

Well apparently my father fell in love with her and he left our family and ran off and married her. And when I say “ran off and married her” he literally ran off, I mean I came home from school and his clothes were gone, his tools were gone, etc. To say the least my mother, my sister and myself were all devastated.

Years later, my sister and I met my stepmother. Her name is Sheila Stubbings. She is a very nice women. I love her very much. She showed us a case that had titanic objects in it. She had a relative on the titanic that perished. His name was Mr Harry Robert Stubbings (2nd class cook) his body was never recovered.

Here’s the small world connection,

My fathers name is James N Dahl, we are Norwegian. As it turns out we also have a relative on board the titanic, his name was Mr Charles Edward Dahl, he was a 3rd class passenger and he survived (life boat 15). He was traveling to Figal, North Dakota ( Figal is now Fargo, pop in 1912 was 8).

Its amazing to think both of are family’s had relatives on board and 90 some odd years later they would meet in a way that was a show stopper for my mother and sister and myself. Apparently she is a very wealthy women making a fortune in some of the highest priced real estate in California. My father quit his job (he hated being a police officer) and they did a lot of moving around and traveling the world.

I saw the titanic exhibit in Las Vegas and was proud to see the names on the wall of passengers and crew.

Jeff Dahl

Temple, Georgia.

David Stubbings

Harry Robert Stubbings was my great uncle I wish to have more information. Can we contact each other via e-mail, my address is [email protected]. By the way my father was born in Southampton, England and I am from Malta.

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