Harry Senior


Jun 10, 2016
Wow, someone has certainly done their research on my grandad! My mother who only died a few years ago would have been mortified to see all her dirty washing hung out in public for all to see. However to put the record straight , Harry's brother Ernest abandoned his wife, Alice, to set up home with another woman. He took the two oldest children, Ernest and Charles with him and my mother never knew of their existence. Ernest jnr committed suicide and I don't yet know what happened to Charles. George and Bill were also Ernest's children but considered Harry to be their father. Henry Charles (my uncle Harry) was Harry Senior's son and his daughters were identical twins, Ivy and my mother May. They were a very happy family although Alice and Harry never married. Harry didn't offend again after his two month's hard labour in Wakefield but did spend the occasional night in the cells for being drunk and disorderly. I know this as my father (Harry's son in law) was a police officer in the Met. and had to lock him in the cells, but he was a happy drunk!!

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